Monday, November 1, 2010


I will be a poll greeter for Davis and Denise tomorrow  2010 GENERAL ELECTION at Sarvis Food Center.Stop by and say Hi. Thats Alton Thomas Davis Justice for the Supreme Court and Denise Langford Morris. I am working to replace Michigans Worst Judge with Justice for the People. Remember to vote the non partisan section of your ballot....( I'm just warming up..)
Judicial candidates are using the Nov. 2 election to balance the scales of justice in Michigan.

Five candidates are running for two open seats on Michigan’s Supreme Court. Both current justices Alton Thomas Davis and Bob Young look to extend their time on the Supreme Court, opposing new challengers Mary Beth Kelly, Denise Langford Morris and Bob Roddis.
Young has spent the past 11 years as a Supreme Court justice.
“I have more actual Supreme Court experience than any other candidate running for office,” he said. “No other candidate has that length of experience.”
Prior to holding his position as Supreme Court Justice, Young spent 18 years in private practice before being elected and appointed to the Michigan Court of Appeals. Young also spent three years on CMU’s Board of Trustees under president Leonard Plachta in the 1990s.

Davis also has experience serving on Michigan’s Supreme Court. Appointed in August, Davis spent the previous five years on the Michigan Court of Appeals and has 26 years worth of experience as a judge in Michigan, working as a circuit court trial judge for 21 years.
“I have three goals for the Supreme Court,” he said. “I want to improve the court, ensure that we are fair and impartial and implement reform.”

Kelly also wants to improve Michigan’s Supreme Court.
“I want to bring my conservative judicial philosophy to the Supreme Court because I believe it is needed right now,” she said. “A judge needs to be conservative because our Constitution envisions this limited role for the judiciary.”
Kelly has been a Wayne County Circuit Court judge since 1999. She was appointed by the Michigan Supreme Court to be chief judge of the court, becoming the first woman to lead that bench.

Morris believes she has the skill set to serve as a Justice of the Supreme Court.

Morris has served as an Oakland County Circuit Court judge since 1992. She also has experience serving as an assistant U.S. attorney and assistant Oakland County prosecutor, as well as spending two years in private practice.

“I believe I possess the experience, intellect and integrity needed on the Michigan Supreme Court,” she said. “I have broad-based experience in state and federal courts, handling civil criminal, probate, family and appellate cases.”

Roddis is also looking to fill one of the two seats on Michigan’s Supreme Court. Serving as an attorney since 1980, Roddis has a juris doctor degree from Detroit College of Law and a master’s of law degree from Wayne State University Law School

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