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Palin dooms McCain

by Terry Bankert 08/30/2008 ,
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John McCain, he Reminds me of the composite of every self absorbed, narcissistic, evangelical conservative con man I have ever met.

Palin strikes me as the lean mean soccer mom machine from hell.

Neither have little sympathy for people not like them.

Taken in political panic, Palin to McCain, is nothing more than a political trophy wife. Pretty by his side but hopelessly marginalized. The shallowness of the McCain panic spells his doom.

Obama is my dream of the modern American politician and Biden is a seasoned warrior watching his prodigy leader ready to pounce on the opposition, or make that experienced suggestion.

In the end these candidates are just symbols of coalitions that have come together under a party banner to pursue different agendas. Are they Strong enough to build a coalition, be successful in achieving their unique agenda and which agenda do we support.

The democrats, to include I, call for an agenda of change. We have assembled a team to make this happen.

McCain brings nothing new. Feebly he is attempting to assemble the Bush coalition. This group discredited, responsible for expanding the federal government, building an astronomical federal deficit and killing our men in a fraudulent war.

My choice is clear, Obama, you make yours.

I am still appalled that McCain would put this political child a heartbeat away from being commander and chief.

Obama is marketing his vision in this presidential campaign. McCain is marketing a bait and switch.

Just more republican stuff this country has grown tired of.

by Terry R. Bankert
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McCain irresponsible and dumb as a rock

John McCain you are irresponsible and dumb as a rock...oh..and happy birthday today you are 72 yrs old..
John Sidney McCain III (born August 29, 1936), happy birthday, you are 72 years old today.
Congratulations you have lived one year longer than your father. You remember John S. McCain, Jr. (1911–1981) died when he was 70 yrs of age.

Possibly you have a high probability of dying in lets say within the next 4 years. Actually you have a 22% probability of dropping dead today says one mortality table.

If elected President ,your Vice President will be 1st in line to assume the Presidency of the Greatest Country in the world the United States of America.

Sarah Louise Heath Palin (born February 11, 1964) is 44 years of age is your pick . She has no Federal experience, and not much other experience.

You will be placing this totally inexperience person one heart attack ,yours, away from being Commander in Chief. How irresponsible.

I wonder what the parents of the troops in the field think about you today?

Look at the Federal experience soon to be President Obama has in his vice President Joe Biden.

SO... for a cute face , a laudable but non federal background, to win a few more womans votes you will risk the security of this country.

How irresponsible.

Do you really think this nominee will help you?

If you do, you are dumb as a rock.

Happy Birthday

Posted here by Terry Bankert 8/29/08

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GOOD MORNING FLINT, 8/29/08 , Terry Bankert , FLINT MI USA, 1000 Beach St.,48503 1-810-235-1970 [trb] *************************************************************

What a great speech, orator and leader. The real battle now starts.

What can we do to help our country by electing Barrack Obama President of the United States? Count me in! What about You?

It is great to be an American and a Democrat. Yes John we Democrats love our country and will fight for it. I have the same honorable discharge you do. I honor your service and I dishonor your politics and personal characteristics.

We must all join this fight.

What do you suggest we activist, concerned Americans and street politics blogospherites Democrats do to help Obama win this war?[trb]

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ITS GREAT TO BE AN AMERICAN He pledged to cut taxes for nearly all working-class families, end the war in Iraq and break America's dependence on Mideast oil within a decade. Portraying a McCain administration as a continuation of the current Bush White House, Obama said, "On Nov. 4, we must stand up and say: 'Eight is enough.'"

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Title: Speaking About Our Nation's Promise! While speaking in new venues, Barack Obama laid out his vision about how the U.S.A. should work. Obama was impressive in describing America's promise, and saying, "this race is not about me, it's about you (the American people)."

The speech was inspiring and intimate and at one point he stated, "I really am one of you." As he boldly attacked the status quo, he was thorough and he filled his remarks with detail.

Obama said what America thirsts for is a new politics for a new time. Barack Obama's speech was crystal clear and resonated as an insistent summons to move forward as we face a turning point in our nation's history.

Knocking it out of the ball park at Invesco Field in Denver, Obama delivered a hit heard around the world! He addressed it all, from pocketbook issues and the American Dream to national security and the need to improve our standing in world affairs.

It was an electrifying event with 85,000 people in attendance. What a great experience I have had as a first-time convention delegate! Wow! Democrats have reached the unity phase. We are organized, energized and mobilized.

It is all about our nation's promise

Lee Gonzales 8/29/08
Lee Gonzales is a State Representative 49th District Flint/Genesee Michigan USA, Democrat 546
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ANOTHER SMALL VICTORY FOR THE BLOGOSPHERE Five years of blogging has brought Jeff Ooi a measure of notoriety. His biting posts on Malaysian politics sparked police investigations. A pro-government newspaper sued him for libel. A prominent politician compared bloggers to monkeys in a lawless jungle. In January, as Malaysia braced for national elections, a new banner went up on his blog ( ): Get a Blogger Into Parliament. Fueled by donations and manpower, Mr. Ooi easily defeated a ruling-party candidate to win a parliamentary seat on Penang Island. - - - - -

It has been my honor to facilitate the Convention blog of Lee Gonzales.

Through his post I sense the intellect and passion of this leader. Thank You Lee! [trb]



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