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Jesse James, Sandra Bullock, adultry, and sex addiction. What results if this was a Flint Michgian Divorce?

Flint Divorce Lawyer Terry Bankert comments on the Michigan Family Law that would apply if Sandra Bullock and Jesse James lived in Flint Michigan.


Divorce is a Family Law option as the parade of tattooed tarts continues, Sandra Bullock has concluded that her marriage was a lie and she's done being publicly humiliated.See[1]

Michigan and Flint Divorce court is a “no fault” divorce state.

But fault , in a Flint Divorce, such as adultery charges between a divorcing couple still have impact on the divorce outcome. Michigan and Flint Family Law deals with Divorce property allocation, child support or spousal support, and how much parenting time , or child custody. In a Flint Divorce fault like adultery and sex addiction may become an active part in dealing with these issues.

A Divorcing spouses indiscretions ,like the Adultry and self described sex addiction of Jessse James , will work against them when these decisions are being made.

Flint Divorce Court and all Michigan Family Courts have one ground for divorce: “There has been a breakdown of the marriage relationship to the extent that the objects of matrimony have been destroyed and there remains no reasonable likelihood that the marriage can be preserved.”

In Flint Divorce Court when placing a judgement “on the record“, some judges require only a recital of this assertion. No details need to be provided until there is a fight over the issues listed above.

“Fault” and Equitable Division

“Fault” may be a factor in dividing property—it must not be the only factor. Kenbeek v Kenbeek, unpublished opinion per curiam of the Court of Appeals, issued July 31, 2008 (Docket No. 277359):

“In reaching our conclusion we note that a trial court may consider fault when determining how to divide the marital property, although it may not be the sole factor. Sparks, supra at 158.”
“Fault” is a valid consideration in dividing marital assets; was the conduct “more of a reason” for the breakdown of the marriage?[5]

In determining ‘fault’ as one of the factors to be considered when fashioning property settlements, courts are to examine ‘the conduct of the parties during the marriage.’” Welling v Welling, 233 Mich. App. 708, 711; 592 N.W.2d 822 (1999), quoting Sparks v Sparks, 440 Mich. 141, 157; 485 N.W.2d 893 (1992). The issue is whether “one of the parties to the marriage [wa]s more at fault, in the sense that one of the parties’ conduct presented more of a reason for the breakdown of the marital relationship than did the conduct of the other.”

Jesse James reportedly is seeking professional help to deal with "personal issues" after a cheating scandal that has put his nearly five-year marriage to Sandra Bullock on the line with the possibility of divorce.See[2]

( Jesse James ) Sexual Addiction - What is it?Sexual addiction is, in its simplest form, a normal sex drive that has become obsessive, to the point that behavior is out of control. Sexual addiction is referred to as a 'process' addiction, as opposed to a substance addiction like alcohol or drugs. In a process addiction, the euphoric feeling (or "high") comes from chemicals released into the brain, rather than from an external source. As the mind becomes accustomed to the release of these chemicals, it searches out for continued sources of that high. This could be from eating, the adrenaline rush of competition, putting yourself in dangerous situations, or from sexual stimuli. Sexual addiction can take on many forms, from the use of pornography and masturbation to repeated sexual affairs, patronizing prostitutes, and voyeurism. In extreme cases, sexual addiction can involve molestation, rape, and even murder. The many forms of sexual addiction have one thing in common, the behavior is done in secret, and the sex addict becomes skilled in hiding this secret life from those closest to him. [4]

(Jesse James ) Sexual Addiction - What Causes it?Sexual addiction is rarely caused by only one factor, but is more likely a build up of conditions over time. ... causes for sexual addiction can include traumatic experiences in their childhood such as physical and/or sexual abuse, abandonment, or emotional trauma. . [4]

( Jesse James ) Sexual Addiction - What's the Problem, it's only Sex?One of the most serious problems with sexual addiction is the way it affects our relationships. ...Closeness in a marriage is a combination of the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of the relationship. Unfortunately, when one aspect of the relationship starts to break down, the others tend to suffer as well. addiction, at its core, is all about selfishness. The sex addict becomes obsessed with meeting his own needs at the expense of those around him. And selfishness in any form is damaging to a marriage relationship. [4]

The other major problem with sexual addiction is its progressive nature. While lingerie ads and R-rated movies can be visually exciting to a teenager, that excitement doesn't continue for the sex addict. The need for more and more stimulation leads into more explicit, hard-core pornography, adult movies and websites, and eventually into acting out the fantasies that are formed in the mind. The first consequence of this acting out is that the wife ceases to be a unique person, worthy of honor in the relationship. Instead, she becomes an object of sexual gratification. Eventually, this too becomes mundane, and the sex addict seeks thrills of an increasingly illicit nature. [4]

Sandra Bullock has access to Jesse James's children, a US report said.
Jesse James reassured the blind-sided star she can see his three children, including a six-year-old stepdaughter she raised as her own.See[3] She has no special rights to see the minor children after divorce unless the biological parents agree.

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