Sunday, February 1, 2009

Governors appointment

01 /02/09
By Terry Bankert


I have been active in the community for 27 years. On occasion I have managed political campaigns work on 100's and was Executive Director of the Genesee County Democratic Party.

I have an extensive record of community service and held important public positions, Flint City Clerk and Flint Ombudsman. But after a failed city council race and two missed applications for gubernatorial appointment I need help in my own political initiatives.

I am asking you for that help.

Today I wish to announce to you that I will ask Governor Jennifer Grandholm to appoint me to the Genesee County Probate seat recently vacated . The Governor does not know me well but will possibly listen to her friends and the people of the Genesee County Community and state.

Here I have posted a short video announcing my interest. This is followed by my vita.

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Video 1.2 min


Currently there are a half dozen names of qualified attorneys’s interested in this position circulating . They represent a broad spectrum of backgrounds for the governor to choose from.

I have practiced family law for 14 years. It is my exclusive practice area. I am a certified mediator in Family Law. I can claim a wide variety of community service.

But this is a political appointment by the Governor.

I am not a fund-raiser for the governor and have not delivered any votes to her except my own.

I meet the Governors high Standards of legal professional excellence. But that is for her to decide.

To be successful will require an out pouring of support from members of the Genesee County Community and the State. I ask people such as your self to support my candidacy. Consider making the appropriate expression of support through your Union, Church or elected officials and ask that your feeling be conveyed to the Governor. A direct contact if appropriate would help.

Several of my friend have said I have in the past been too low key about my interest in a position. I hope to correct that here. Letters and personal contacts will follow to those who may have impact in this type of decision. I shall formally apply this week and seek appropriate audience.
I have chosen the path of internet and grass roots populism to secure a gubernatorial appointment. It’s a new day in politics.
Your independent actions communicating support for my candidacy to opinion leaders and the

Governor will be greatly appreciated.

The application deadline is 2/17/09. I plan to pursue this application in the usual manner also.
Please share your thoughts, email me at or call 810-235-1970.

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Terry Bankert

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