Monday, August 10, 2009

Box office open

We opened the BOX OFFICE for the Atwood Concert 8/15/09 of MARK FARNER formerly of Grand Funk. On the corner of Kearsley and South Saginaw St. This is the highest profile placement during Back to the Bricks. Thanks Larry Ford.

It will be staffed by Flints OZZY and our friend John . He is a NASCAR Country guy who is pitching in. OZZY is unique.

Met a nurse who knew Mark Farner before he was formerly of Grand Funk. She says hi and we met her future leader dog trainees. see the video

I met tonite with a Kettering University Student groups . 25 ,with more coming ,are volunteering to work the concert. What a great group of young adults. I was impressed. We donated a block of tickets to sell to Kettering student only. They keep the proceeds and donate to their favorite charity.


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