Sunday, August 10, 2014


FCCG update 8/10/14 10:30 am
Let's be the first Citizens Group to take a position on the #Flint City Charter related ballot questions  announced to be on the November 2014 ballot .
Join us in person 1714 Oklahoma Flint Mi or online at

WHEN,On Wednesday 08/13/14 at 6 pm.
WHERE in the basement studio of Flint Talk Radio  1714 Oklahoma Flint Mi  or online at the link above.
WHAT, the First meeting of the Facebook group "Flint Citizens Committee on Governance"  (FCCG ) will meet live streamed in the studio.
WHY, advocate master plan implementation, zoning changes to comport with the master plan, charter revision to comport with the master plan.
WHO, those who choose to participate in person or online .
One Mission I will propose is that a process is decided for FCCG to take a position on the November 2014 ballot Q's the the Flint City attorney on 8/12/14 or the day before our meetings has submitted.
I understand the issues  from the City Attorney to be three;
1. Vote in November to form a Flint Charter Commission.
2. Vote in November to eliminate the offices of civil service and
3. Vote in November to eliminate the Ombudsman by charter amendment.
FCCG may be the first organization to take a position on these issues.
An Opportunity for part of the community to voice its opinion.
If FCCG decides to take a position,  how will it be done and when?
If you like transparency it is the order of the day.
At This meeting will also be a discussion concerning, if time permits,my concept of the Flint Trilogy of Change and what other actions can we collectively begin.
I will run it as a GA unless those present decide otherwise.

GA  means general assembly or townhall.
Meeting .

As facilitator I will run/chair the first meeting. The idea is to function by consensus. Total agreement of those present. Work groups create the action. We will let these objectives develop by the group.

The trilogy of change in Flint continues to come together.

1. Creation of a Master Plan.
2.Change the city zoning to match the priorities of the master plan.

3.By ballot form a charter commission some want it with the leaders of step 1 &2 . Use the charter commission to Write a new charter to reflect the values of the master plan and change Flints form of government from the failed strong mayor to city manager .
My opinion is that By human nature those who gained power to do step 1 continue in 2. These same people will be organizing to elect themselves to control step three.

Again my opinion,All is being done in consort with the consent and direction of the emergency manager ,who answers to the Governor ,who is an friend of the Uptown Six a private corporation that effectively owns downtown and is re shaping it to match the vision of the Mott Foundation.
In the use of scarce resources its the Downtown vs Neighborhoods
Downtown is having it’s way .
Trickle Down revitalization of Flint .
What helps downtown will trickle down to the neighborhoods .
The only way left to work for neighborhood revitalization is to back neighborhood candidates for the Flint Charter Commission.
I will join with you and other members of the Flint Community to make sure an informed cross section of Flint is represented on the Charter Commission.
I hope FCCG provides a vehicle to do just that.
What should our plan be ?
What do you think?
Join us by watching the live stream .

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