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Become a Powerful Precinct Delegate

By Terry bankert
A Flint Divorce lawyer sharing his opinion

The foundation of power allocation in a major political party such as the Michigan Democratic Party is the Precinct Delegate.

All authorization for any action of the Michigan Democratic Party and its subset of Congressional District and County Political parties flows from the election of precinct delegate.

Traditionally the precinct delegates would file with their county clerk by May 11 2010. Your name would be on the ballot in August. After that would be County Conventions determining who from the county can attend the State Convention. Counties would send people to participate on the Michigan State Convention Committees.

The Counties no matter the number of people sent would have a pro rata share of a Congressional District representation at the State Convention.

Congressional District Delegations are comprised of precinct delegates from the counties in the congressional district. If you want an individual, or organizational voices like unions or caucus of like minded people you start by being a precinct delegate.

For instance if you are a union member and you want unions to dominate the Michigan Democratic Party you start by getting as many precinct delegates elected sympathetic to your cause.

The same holds for individual who wish to bring new life to the Michigan democratic Party you begin with getting as many like minded people to become Michigan Democratic Precinct Delegates.

There is a massive but quiet effort under way for some to preserve power by some and others to gain power in the Michigan Democratic Party.

This is done by recruiting and getting elected as many like minded people as yourself to the position of Precinct Delegate. I like everybody. It will strengthen the party to broadening the base of people who choose to participate within the Democratic Party as a precinct delegate. I am sure the current party leadership would agree. Plus its just a lot of fun , a unique experience and you meet a lot of new people.

Please consider running for the position of Michigan Democratic party precinct Delegate.

If you would wish to join in my efforts to promote Precinct Delegate elections and my efforts within the Independent caucus in the Democratic party contact me at .

Filing requirements:

A person who wishes to seek a precinct delegate position must file an Affidavit of Identity with the clerk of his or her county, city or township of residence no later than 4:00 p.m. on May 11, 2010. Petition signatures are not required. (MCL 168.624)

Such candidates will appear on the August 3, 2010 primary ballot. A precinct delegate candidate may hold or seek any other public office in Michigan. As a consequence, a precinct delegate candidate may appear as a candidate for another office on the August 3, 2010 primary ballot.

An Affidavit of Identity form designed exclusively for use by precinct delegate candidates can be obtained through any county, city or township clerk’s office.

The Affidavit of Identity form is also available on the Michigan Department of State’s Web site: .

The availability of the precinct delegate Affidavit of Identity form does not preclude a precinct delegate candidate from filing with the standard Affidavit of Identity form if desired.

The following link takes you to your Affidavit of Identity.

Fill out this form get it notarized and turn in to your County Clerks Office. For most county Clerks office address please use the map at

Filing requirement for Michigan Precinct Delegate

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Michigan Department of State’s Bureau of Elections. Michigan Department of State Bureau of Elections Richard H. Austin Building – 1st Floor 430 West Allegan Lansing, Michigan 48918 Phone: (517) 373-2540 Fax: (517) 373-0941

Posted here without fear or favor by
Terry Bankert
Michigan County Map with County Cerk Address and Phone numbers at

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