Monday, September 1, 2008

Its the Evangelicals

Posted by Terry Bankert 8/31/08

This is the greatest country on the planet earth. Our politics have evolved into two major parties selecting nominees to battle each in a November election. At this level nobody is stupid. In fact they are all smart and accomplished. They just stand for different values and policies. Alliances and coalitions will form.

Big money and big organizations will join in for this test of strength to select a president and vice president that will lead the most powerful nation on earth, the United States of America.

Each can expect to stand a vigorous review of who and what they are with unkind words being exchanged. That is the process. Lets keep the families out of it and focus on the candidates. As the New Orleans emergency fades and the Republican Convention takes center stage I will be listening. Others will have not so nice things to say about Obama and Biden. I do not think well of the histories as I currently know them of McCain and Pailn. Nothing personal, it’s the process.

We are not just electing individuals. We are giving control of this country to coalitions that succeed in electing their candidate.

America cannot allow the coalition of McCain and Pailn, the same one that put George Bush in the presidency, to succeed. Those who do not support McCain and Pailn must recognize who the real enemy is.

Its big money, the NRA and Evangelicals.

posted here by Terry Bankert 8/31/08 88581

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