Monday, December 1, 2008

Can the bolgosphere cause social change

By Terry Bankert

I have been asked to do a small part of a panel discussion on the use of the blogosphere for social change. Oh boy.... maybe I need a little help.

It seems to be logical to ask you, the users of the blogosphere to help.

Our audience are the communicators of non profits offering needed human services in these hard economic times. So what do you think? How can you use the blogosphere for social change or to get a non profits message out?

Our collective presentation will “sort of “ represent the entire blogosphere.

I say we because I intend to present your comments.

The entire blogosphere is a big intimidating description. Lets rephrase that. With our collective knowledge just what should a non profit do to spread its message.

Mabey a hypothetical is in order.

If you worked for a brand new non profit with a service area of Genesee County and all the counties that touch it, Genesee, Lapeer, Livingston, Shiawassee and Saginaw County how would your get your message out on the internet.

Your product is 1 million dollars worth of canned food annually.

How can you get your food to individuals in these counties through internet , blogosphere, communication. You cannot hand this over to an existing organization.

Your communication budget is zero, you already own a lap top and an uplink. What do you do?

If you share thoughts on this please describe the steps you would take . For instance my first step was to ask the question I just asked you and hoped for a result.

This is a real project for a Friday Presentation.

I will report in full on Saturday and blog what I have Friday for the presentation.

Just how can we use this internet vehicle for social change or delivery of human servcies.

Terry Bankert the “sort of” representitive of the blogosphere.


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