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You have to break a couple of eggs to make an Omelet!


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I attended the The Genesee County Progresive Democrats meeting 8/12/08. The groups guest was Mark Brewer, Democratric State Party Chairperson.


It is the duty of every citizen according to his best capacities to give validity to his convictions in political affairs. Albert Einstein 1879-1955 from" Treasury for the Free World" 1946

This is the man who derailed Michigans Delegate selections Election and to some disenfranchising 500,000 Michigan voters. He appeared pitching the Reform Michigan Now Ballot initiative in which he said. "We" have enough signatures unless the courts stop us , which they are trying .[WE] will be on the ballot. This ballot question will split the democrats , unless we act, and cause the Republicans to go to the polls who may not have because McCain Is such a piece of crap.. Brewer will survive...Mark must have played baseball and longed to be a coach.

"The key to being a good manager is keeping the people who hate me away from those who are still undecided. " Casey Stengle 1890-1975

I predict Mark will survive this too. Why becaue the oppisite of action is no action. As Democrats we can no longer decide no action because the game is too rough. This ballot initiative is rough action. This initative is intended to break the final seawall of the 30 plus years of Republication dominations of the state that has nearly ended life as we want it. Broken will be the Republican domination of th Supreme Court and the Michgian State Legislature. Broken will be the self protective domination of the political professionals and reduce the elected payrolls and the number of them. Broken will be the eyepoppoing strangle hold that the Michigan Supreme Court, dominated by the backward thinking Justice Taylor, has on the voters of Michigan. This ballot proposal has something in it that will draw the opposition of anybody in power in Michigan. This initative has something in it that will draw the intense support of the rank and file voter in Michigan. Mark Brewer must also have longed to be a chief. This initative demonstrated the old saying: YOU HAVE TO BREAK A FEW EGGS TO MAKE AN OMELET.[trb]

Present were 100 people. Several County Democratic Party Officials were present. Also
State Representative Hammel, Judge Herman Marable, The presumptive State Representative Thorp, Mott College Andy Averman? And a bunch of really good Democrats.[trb]

My only concern which I expressed was the length of the ballot question, the inadequacy of the 100 word summary and the near imposibility of the election workes to be able to explain it to the voters. I did say the seniors will not be able to read it or under statnd it. Brilliant move on my part. A dozen seniors immediatley stated much to the contray they can read and probably understand much more than I....[trb]

Here is what I said as covered by the Flint Journal. But some audience members felt the proposal was too complicated to pack into a single 100-word ballot proposal. The full plan is written in seven pages of fine print on the Reform Michigan Government Now Web site. "To expect voters to understand this proposal at an election is irresponsible," said Flint attorney Terry Bankert, a former city clerk. "It's a travesty to seniors in this state."

I support the proposal. Iread the 23 summary point and thought I supported each one of these individually. It will be confusing but so have been other ballot question s as Brewer pointed out.[trb]

Michigan's Government is Broken! [1]

"It's clear that business as usual is not working in Michigan. Michigan’s government is broken, and we need to fix it. We need real change to move our state forward.[1]

Reform Michigan Government Now! is a non-partisan proposal that will streamline our government so people can work together on our state’s priorities and solve Michigan’s problems.
It will bring real change and will hold elected officials accountable to the people who elected them.[1]

The Reform Michigan Government Now! proposal will:

*Reduce the salaries of executive branch officials, legislators and judges

*End free lifetime health care for lawmakers and bring their retirement benefits in line with other state workers

*Increase transparency by requiring elected officials to disclose their income and assets every year

*Reform Michigan Government Now! will ensure that lawmakers are working for the best interests of the people they were elected to represent — not the special interests.
Michigan is at a crossroads. We've seen that Michigan's problems are very real and very serious.
Under this proposal, our government will be fairer for Republicans, Democrats and independents. [1]

We need real reform in Michigan, and we need it now."[1]


Reform Michigan Government Now! will bring real reforms to government and make it more accountable, more open and more transparent to citizens. That’s something Los and the political insiders fear. RMGN will throw more sunshine on our elected government — and Los, speaking for the status quo, doesn’t like that. The political elites want to cling onto their power by silencing the people, and the people will not stand for that.[2]

As stated above there is something in this ballot initiative that will piss off every one in government.Good job.[trb]

It is no secret that Michigan’s government is broken.[2] Thats a bite of an overstatement. It is our national economy that is broken.[trb]

Politicians in Lansing are more interested in putting partisanship before people.[2]
The politicans are good people looking for solutions, we just have a grid lock of doubt and self interest. We need to help them see the value of supporting Michigan Now. Scaring them and threatening their political existence is a tried and true method of catching a legislators attention.[trb]

The courts need to be streamlined to make it more responsive to the needs of the people. The undue influence of outside interests must be reduced. Everyday families have been shut out for too long, and they deserve to be heard.[2]

Reform Michigan Government Now! offers proposals that can help bring much-needed reforms to government. RMGN is a true grassroots effort that involves citizens from all political backgrounds — Republican, Democratic and independent. [2]

Screw the Republicans and Independants. Now is the time for Michgian Democrats to come to the aid of their Party.[trb]

For several years, our group has been working hard to bring together the best ideas to fix our broken government. Leaders from all political backgrounds have espoused these ideas for many years. Chief Justice Clifford Taylor has publicly called for the courts to be streamlined. Republican state Rep. Glenn Steil has publicly called for a smaller, less wasteful Legislature. Legislatures under the control of both Republicans and Democrats have weighed proposals to reform government, including steps to shut the revolving door between government and lobbying.[2]

The status quo and power elites... want things to stay the same because the status quo has benefited them, at the expense of everyday families and local family-owned businesses. RMGN will help fix government and make it more accountable through important measures, such as:[2] I have heard that before, Follow me every thing will be okay. Well it will not if we follow blindly.[trb]

• Banning elected leaders and top government officials from lobbying for the special interests for two years after leaving office.[2] We should have ended term limits. Without expierenced electd leader just how can we kep a knowledge base to lead us.[trb]

• Reducing officeholders’ excessive salaries and benefits to bring them in line with state employees and requires legislators and the state’s top elected officials to disclose their incomes and assets.[2]SO NO ELECTED OFFICAL CAN RETIRE AT A LEVEL HIGHER THAT THE CLASSIFIED SERVICE. Just what is the highest level in the classified service. Is the CEO of a State Run Medical facility in the classified service and will this kind of salary be the cap?[trb]

• Entrusting the drawing of legislative districts in the hands of a nonpartisan panel instead of whichever party is in power.[2]Brewer explaint that the political parties will select equal number of people and the tie vote breaker will be a neutral person. Now in this partisan political group the mythical truely neutral person will be found who will consistanly maintain this neutrality. Who picks this person and what desert island have they lived on?[trb]

• Adding judges to the local courts — where they’re needed most — and streamlining the bloated higher courts, where caseloads are down.[2] Oh..the judges are gonna burn you in hell for this one.[trb]
These reforms will benefit all citizens, not just a privileged few... These changes will level the political playing field by ensuring that any candidate — Republican, Democratic or independent — with the best campaigns and the best platform can win on any given election, not an anointed well-financed political insider from the party in power, which unfortunately is all too often the case today.[2] We do need change, and change never comes without a price and conflict. You are simple if you believe otherwise.[trb]

The citizens of Michigan support these reforms. Nearly a half-million voters signed a petition calling for RMGN to be put on the ballot in November. A recent survey showed that 70 percent of Michigan voters — that’s 3.5 million voters — support RMGN, according to a Greenburg Quinlan Rosner poll done in mid-July. That same poll showed overwhelming support for reforms among voters of all political stripes: 73 percent of Republicans support RMGN; 71 percent of independents; and 67 percent of Democrats.[2] I just dare an elected offical to publicly oppose this![trb]

The people want change. They should be given the opportunity to vote on this important proposal in November, without interference from the political elites and the courts, whose judges all have a conflict of interest should they be allowed to sit in judgment over RMGN.[2]yes[trb]
RMGN can change Michigan for the better and fix our broken government. Lansing insiders and the political elite should listen to the taxpayers and allow Michigan voters to decide.[2] YAWN[trb]

Citizens interested in learning more about these important reforms should visit[2]/] Sign me up.[trb]

Reform Michigan Government Now! can give us a smaller, more efficient, less wasteful, less partisan and more responsive government. All citizens interested in good government should support this important proposal and help bring about positive change.[2] What can we do to help?[trb]
Good job Mark Brewer on your trip to Flint.

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