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Buchanan wants a hand count certification he is a loser!

Good Morning Flint!
By Terry Bankert,

HE IS ITCHING TO EXPOSE THE GLITCHING A glitch is a glitch in my favor or in your favor," Buchanan said.[2]

THE TRAIN IS PULLING OUT OF THE STATION ALL ON BOARD Congrats to Mayor Dayne WallingYeah, I said mayor. Might as well call him that. He had 44 percent of the vote to Clack's 16. That's ridiculous. The way this looks now this is the Cavaliers vs. Pistons all over again. [3] But, its not over yet.”"I think the whole west side will be a swing district," Walling said.[4]

CLACK IS OFF HER TRACK It speaks poorly of Brenda Clack that Darryl Buchanan after years of being Don Williamsons yes man could get within 15 votes of her. Her community is screaming “ Never Back a Clack or clicky clack they’ll be back.... for another pension”.[TRB]

Here's what happened, according to the Genesee County clerk: The vote total in Flint Precinct 25, when processed, was different on the machine's disk or card than it was on the paper records.[2]

THE PRIMARY WINNERS DO NOT THINK RACE WILL MATTER "I don't want to make this campaign about race," Clack said. "We need to deal with the issues. I'm not going to single out a group and say, 'I'm going to serve you more.'"[4]Walling said. "I believe the voters in this city don't care about race or skin color."[4]

HE HAS BEEN VICTEMIZED...AGAIN Darryl Buchanan isn't giving up just yet on becoming Flint's next mayor.[1] Darryl, Remember you were a Williamson follower. I cannot believe you are going to get any more votes out of the east side, unless they are Williamson cronies.Get a life and leave, and take council woman Hill with you. You cannot be a buddie of the mayor and then switch sides when he is gone. [4- POSTED BY TDIMHCS]

GETTING TO THE BOTTOM OF THIS SCANDAL, FOR THE COMMUNITY "And the election was so close from second to third we owe it to the community to give clarity," Buchanan said. Flanked by family and friends, Buchanan made it official. He wants a hand recount off all 61 precincts, citing that close finish and the error in Precinct 25."We want to make sure .”[2]

IF EIGHT OF THE PEOPLE WHO VOTED FOR CLACK VOTED FOR BUCHANAN HE’D BE BACK....THANK YOU BRENDA CLACK Buchanan, who lost by 15 votes to second-place finisher Brenda Clack in Tuesday's mayoral primary, is asking for a hand recount. The top two winners -- Clack and Dayne Walling after the vote county Tuesday -- are to face off in the August general election. [1] HOPE SPRINGS ETERNAL Buchanan is hoping his challenge will be successful and will overturn the results.[1]

HE HAS AN ITCH ABOUT A COMPUTER GLITCH CAUSING HIM TO B....! Buchanan said he is concerned about a computer glitch that initially prevented the counting of about 200 votes on Flint's east side. Elections workers said the discrepancy was discovered early Wednesday morning, and the vote totals were updated. Clack netted an extra vote with the new totals.[1] HE SAYS THROUGH Still, Buchanan said the computer system for the optical scanners used in the election should be thoroughly checked.[1]

WE HAVE A RIGHT TO KNOW AND BE CERTAIN HE WAS ABSOLUTLEY DEFEATED "The residents of Flint deserve to know that their votes were counted accurately," Buchanan said.[1] A REQUEST FOR A RECOUNT IS REASONABLE Clack said it's Buchanan's right to request a recount.[1]

SHE JUST WANTS HIM TO BE OKAY "It doesn't bother me," Clack said. "If that's what he wants to do to satisfy himself, then he should do it."[1]

HE’S TO BE CERTIFIED A LOSER Genesee County Clerk Michael Carr said the board of canvassers, which certified the election, ran all the votes in Flint back through the computer system and got the same result. Canvassers checked each precinct to make sure that the glitch on the east side precinct was repeated elsewhere.[1]

THE RESULTS WILL SHOW BUCHANAN A LOSER "The results were identical," Carr said. "We're very confident in the results."[1]

ONE BETTER CAMPAIGN DECISION WOULD HAVE WON THE DAY FOR BUCHANAN Clack finished with 1,981 votes to 1,966 for Buchanan, according to Thursday's certified results.[1]

WINFORD ,BUCHANAN CAMPAIGN DECISION MAKER, SAY IT AIN’T SO BOB!!!! Bob Winford, Buchanan's campaign adviser, raised doubts that all the votes were counted. [1]

IF I HAVE SEEN ONE GLITCH I HAVE SEEN THEM ALL "If there's a glitch in one place, you always think there could be a glitch in other places," Winford said.[1] Based on this, if I get a flat on my car, I should have someone check the transmission. I can tell he works for Buchanan.[4-POSTED BY JACOBSMITH]
Carr said it's not guaranteed that the canvassing board will grant a recount.[1] "There has to be some evidence that something went wrong," Carr said. "It can't just be that the vote was close."[1] But Buchanan said he believes the canvassers will agree to the recount.[1] "They (canvassers) believe in the Constitution, don't they?" Buchanan said. "They believe in the electoral process."[1] Buchanan must pay $610 for a recount.[1] If votes are recounted by hand, it could be a time consuming and contentious process. Carr said attorneys representing Buchanan and Clack would be allowed to watch and could request certain ballots be set aside for the canvassers to review.[1] Winford said the attorneys would probably be looking at voters who attempted to vote for a candidate, but the mark on the ballot wasn't read by the computer.[1] There were 39 under votes and 20 over votes in Tuesday's election. An under vote is when the voter did not choose any candidate, while an over vote is when the voter chose too many, invalidating the ballot.[1]

BUCHANAN COULD HAVE WON IF 15 PEOPLE WHO SHOWED UP TO VOTE FOR AN EDUCATION CANDIDATE AND CAST NO MAYORAL VOTE WOULD HAVE VOTED FOR HIM IN THE MAYORS RACE. Brenda Clack gets into the Flint mayoral finals, so to speak, on the strength of 14 more votes? Amazing. So I guess there's an upside after all to the fact that so few bothered to vote Tuesday. Those who did mattered. A lot. [3] Carr said it's extremely rare that a recount would change the result of the election. "Fifteen votes is a lot of votes in a race like this," Carr said.[1]

BRADLEY HILLS WILL SORT OUT THE WINNERS IN THE CRIM AND NOW IN THE MAYORIAL RACE But the campaign for Flint's next mayor may be decided in the more racially mixed neighborhoods on the city's west side. "I will be watching the Bradley Street area up to McLaren hospital," said Genesee County Clerk Michael Carr, a longtime election watcher. "That will be very interesting to see."[4]

SOME CITIZENS WANT A NEW MAYOR NOW All I know is August can't get here soon enough. The current mayor just keeps wasting money by hiring his cronies at $90,000.00/yr. Most of these people have multiple retirements/pensions and now MB is doling out handouts with taxpayer money like a kid in a candy store. Meanwhile, the city is heading into bankruptcy. Hard working employees in police, fire, and other service areas are being laid off left and right and for what? So the new mayor's cronies can draw another paycheck on top of the three of four they already get? Boy have they pulled the wool over the state's eyes. This is how you re-organize. Lay off lower paid employees and hire your friends at ridiculous salaries as personal favors. Talk about your corrupt politicians.[5-POSTED BY WASTE4SURE]

I PREDICT THAT BRENDA CLACK WILL CALL A POLITICO UNITY MEETING WITH THE CODED MESSAGE LETS NOT SPLIT OUR VOTE "I'll be making calls my former opponents and asking for their support. There has to be unity. This is an opportunity to do that and I'll be contacting everyone," Clack said.[6] The implication is racial unity, but Brenda I thought you said this was not an issue?[trb]


The downtown boys are for Mike Brown as reciever.

Woodrow Stanley is for Brenda Clack.

Charles Winfrey is for Darryl Buchanan.

Don Williamson,s dogs (Mays and Buchanan)in the race lost, one is asking for a recount.

I guess I made the right choice to support Dayne Walling. soon to be elected Mayor of Flint Michigan.

Posted Here by Terry Bankert
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[trb] Comments and cap headlines by Terry Bankert

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