Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Lt. Governor John Cherry spoke in Flint 11/10/098

By Terry Bankert
Observation of a Flint MI Divorce Lawyer

I attended the Progressive Caucus meeting last night.

Their meeting announcement read “ Special Guest, Lieutenant Governor John Cherry at the next Progressive Caucus Meeting at 6:30 PM, Tuesday, November 10 TH at the Asbury United Methodist Church, 1653 Davison Road (about 3 blocks east of I-475), Flint. We are very pleased to have the Lieutenant Governor share his time with us. John, who grew up in and continues to make his family home in the County, can fully appreciate our situation and is committed to make our County and State a better place. Please come and invite others”

This was a roomful of old friends, 40 plus people no local media that I saw.

I sat at the table with Lt. Governor John Cherry and Jack Minore Chairperson of the Genesee County Democratic Party..

In Genesee County several of us came up together but apart. I am speaking of John, Pam, Robert, Daniel, Lee, Debbie, and that Clodfelter guy.

We walked the life path pursuing education, love, family, careers and now we are knocking at the door of 60 yrs of age.

Life is too short, this group has made the most of it. [ John Cherry, Pam Faris his wife, Debbie Cherry, Robert Emerson, the kid Daniel Kildee and Mark Clodfelter.]

Lt. Governor John Cherry arrived early and stayed longer than expected.

When he was done as the group went into its monthly agenda the chair told him several times it was okay for him to leave. I sensed he was comfortable and was in no hurry even though his aides were up and pacing.

He talked of the dismay he has over the “ Keystone Cop Budget Act” played out in Lansing.

His message was one of hope and the need to motivate and engage citizens and new political players into the process of government.

He talked of the need to return to core values in government and the democratic party almost wistfully he lamented the lack of an informed motivated public engaged in the political process.

I dabble in the shallows of public policy John was always the one among us that dived into the depths of public policy analysis, We wanted to grownup and be like John.


We have allowed the shallow self serving doctrine of the right to cut to the bones the needed governmental programs that provided safety, education, health care and a quality youth middle and old age for our citizens. The rights economic mascots now admit their theory was flawed and America now suffers.

He talked extensively and knowledgably of the economic plight of Michigan and the nations as you all know.

This state has suffered and the organs of government must be rebuilt. If we want a vibrant business environment in Michigan we must have public safety, education and fight tenaciously to preserve the water that surrounds us. Did you know that 20% of the fresh water in America is at Michigan shores.

We must have leaders that speak out on the issues, We must educate ourselves and fight for the issues we believe in.

This was the message, one of hope , accountability and commitment.

I enjoyed the conversation with and old friends who I expect to be the next Governor of Michigan, John Cherry the kid from Montrose.

Respectfully posted here by
Terry Bankert

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