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They Picked Gere!

They Picked Gere to talk about this? Monks, Protest, Free Tibet, Threats to Summer Games!

GOOD MORNING FLINT! BY Terry Bankert 3/15/08
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I think there are real human rights violations in China. But not enough to stop an Olympics. With all this country is doing we would be hypocrites.[trb[ Bystanders cheered the group Tuesday as they walked along the mountain roads. Police were not around.[afp]

A simple act of defiance by an oppressed people.[trb] Tibetan monks have defied Chinese authorities by staging a protest in the remote Himalayan region's capital Lhasa, provoking Beijing to respond that it would strike hard against such illegal activities.[g]

China still practices summary execution.[trb]

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China should suffer a boycott of its cherished Beijing Olympics if it mishandles protests in restive Tibet, Hollywood actor and Tibetan activist Richard Gere said on Friday.[r[Well lets set international policy on the word of another actor.[trb[

Gere, a close follower of the Dalai Lama and chairman of the International Campaign for Tibet, stressed that neither the exiled Tibetan spiritual leader nor the ICT advocates a boycott of the Summer Olympics.[r[ Then pray tell from what authority is he.[trb[...... It would be unconscionable to isolate America fro the game under this ruse. Dose it not seem hypocritical for a US patriot like Gere to mouth this while our government violate human rights daily in military prison.[trb[

"I've not been pro-boycott, but I think if this is not handled correctly, yes we should boycott. Everyone should boycott," Gere told Reuters in a telephone interview.[r[ I begin by calling for a boycott of Gere and his empty rhetoric.[trb[ Gere, a Buddhist for some 25 years, said he was grieving for "my bothers and sisters" in Tibet but "sad for both sides" in a dispute has that simmered and occasionally exploded since China annexed Tibet in 1950.[r[Another Hollywood nut job.[trb[

Following are a couple of articles of the type that make us look foolish to the world.[trb[


An investigation into the multimillion-dollar Career Alliance Inc. has been taken by agents of the U.S. Department of Labor, The Flint Journal has learned.[f1[

Flint is strutting its stuff again.[trb[

Labor Department agents will present their findings in pieces or in whole to the U.S. attorney's office in advance of criminal charges -- if they are filed. [f1[

Meanwhile, Flint's fire chief and his son, a city police inspector, have hired one of the area's leading criminal attorneys to defend them against possible charges stemming from their private security company's dealings with Career Alliance.[f1[

City Security Guard Co., which has provided security at Career Alliance buildings, lists Fire Chief Richard Dicks as its president and treasurer in documents filed with the state. [f1[

Federal agents last month searched the homes of Dicks and his son, David, a Flint police inspector, looking for records related to Career Alliance. Richard Dicks' home in Genesee Township is the main office for City Security Guard [f1[

Frank Manley, a well-known criminal attorney, said he has talked briefly with federal officials, telling them he has been hired to defend the Dicks.[f1[

Keep your money in the community.[trb[

The Flint Journal could not reach the U.S. attorney's office for comment Thursday or Friday. Career Alliance is a $20-million-a-year agency that provides job training and education to the poor and unemployed.[f1[


"When it comes to right and wrong, you want to stand up for what's just ... (but also) life is about forgiveness," said the Rev. Quintin Marshall Sr., pastor of New Life Tabernacle C.O.G.I.C. in Flint. "Who do you find who doesn't have a (crease) in their armor?" [f1[ Marshall, president of Genesee County Church of God in Christ Alliance, supports a group that has been working to keep Career Alliance's Broome Center open despite a high vacancy rate there.[f1[ "We got people who are homeless and need a job (and) leaving prison and can't find work," Marshall said. "Let's work on these problems."[f1[


Leading African-American pastors have a message for City Attorney Trachelle Young and City Clerk Inez Brown: Cooperate and make peace.[F2[ The ministers gathered at Antioch Missionary Baptist Church to make a public plea for two of the city's most powerful women to settle an increasingly bitter dispute.[F2[

Last month Young filed a lawsuit against Brown on behalf of the city for her refusal to call a meeting of the Standards of Conduct Board concerning a complaint about her actions toward another city employee.[F2[

The seven-member conduct board looks into the actions of elected city officers, appointees and employees.[F2[ Wrong[trb "We're asking City Attorney Trachelle Young to drop the charges and the lawsuit against Ms. Inez Brown and we're asking the clerk to turn over and give to (City Administrator) Darryl E. Buchanan the list of names of the Standards of Conduct Board," said the Rev. Lewis A. Randolph.[F2[

What does Buchanan have to do with this[trb "We all agree this in-house fighting at city hall has to stop," Randolph continued. "It's time for dialogue and not debate. We are speaking from a point of healing and from a point of righteousness. We're trying to stand up and say let's come together as a family."[F2[ Young needs only to withdraw her frivolous lawsuit[trb[


Besides Randolph, the group included other notable pastors such as Bishop Otis Floyd, Bishop Rory Cavette, Bishop M.C. Akins, and the Revs. Roosevelt Deloach and Leroy Shelton.

The group said they were acting out of concern about the message the legal fight would send to area youth.[F2[

"It's a no-win situation and it projects a bad image to our young people," said Shelton, of Christ Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church. "We have come too far as a community and we have to find a common ground."[F2[ Young started it and Young can stop it.[trb[ Young attended the news conference and said she supports the pastors' stance.[F2[

They are simply trying to save ....her.[trb[ "I absolutely agree with their message," Young said following the event. "This has been blown out of proportion. The problem is an unwillingness to communicate. I'm not anti-Brown or pro-administration. I'm advocating for an employee."[F2[ Nonsense[trb[

Brown said she spoke to Randolph about the matter this week but was not told about the news conference. She declined comment on the ongoing legal battle or the news conference.[F2[ Class.[trb[

City Administrator Darryl Buchanan said he was on hand representing Mayor Don Williamson, who also has battled with Brown in the past.[F2[ Nothing else to do?[trb "Clergy has always been in the forefront on issues viewed as divisive," Buchanan said. "The mayor is grateful for their involvement to assist with a resolution. ... He wanted me to keep my thumb on the pulse of this situation."[F2[ Words 37 SUBSTANCE 0[trb[

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[f1[ The Flint Journal [F2[ The Flint Journal [R[ Reuters

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