Sunday, April 25, 2010

Accident 4/25/10 Nobody hurt. Dort Hwy and Robert T. LongwayFlint MI

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Nobody hurt. 3 cars.

Terry Bankert 04/25/2010

2:00 pm
Corner of Dort Hwy and Robert T. Longway in Flint. I saw the following three Car Accident.I looked like injury was certain.

A Young Male was driving the Green Van which flipped over.

A Young Female was driving Red Car. I talked to the father of the driver of the red car who arrived on scene he said no one was taken to hospital.

It appeared an Elderly Couple was driving the Brown Car.

Flint Police Officer Dixon was on the scene and appeared to be in charge.

He confirmed no one went to hospital. An ambulance was on the scene.

I am participating in a form of community hobby blogging [text, video and pictures] I do not know what is News worthly. It just was nice to see a scene that looked this bad with no injury. It was comforting to see the first responders police and ambulance on the scene. Great job everybody.

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