Tuesday, January 12, 2010

When do we go too far?

untanglingwebs schreef:
Terry- read the comments again.

The cougar remarks were allegedly made throught the university rate the professor blog. Most comments were news stories, etc.

The blame lies with Kettering for allowing such posts and not with Flinttalk. Yes people slammed her but there were no slanderous or libelous remarks.

If Kettering was pushing her for that position, someone should question why. Were they trying to get rid of her? The ratings made have influenced that position.

Were they trying to influence political decisions in their favor? Possibly, but I don't see the DDA as the vehicle for that. Why not the Convention and Visitors Bureau? Her credentials in planning and organizing events would appear to make her better suited for that position rather than the DDA. Word is they may push Preston out too.

We are independent posters using space owned by another to post. There are a loose set of rules and an evolving culture to guide us. Some posters are identifiable because they use their given name , such as myself, some us screen names.

For those that choose our given names when the muck flies our reputations have a possibility of being affected. Because of my state licensing my exposure is even greater. I am a family law practitioner, you know more about libel than I do.

But when my internal alert goes off I listen to it. Was a line crossed by the comments directed at Ms. Wilson? Are there any lines? After the Clinton era there may no ,longer be any lines. We then are to personal choice.

My choice is to affect in my small way public policy debate in Flint MI.,

My last political stand if you will. My internal alert says the discussion about Ms. Wilson went too far. Did it? When the Cougar stuff began I ignored it I thought it was Ketterings mascot.

When the connection with Walling to Harris to Wilson came up the the linkage sounded logical. Comments on the professional relationships between Wilson and Harris were legitimate? Remember there are no rules here. Several poster then just laid the line of logic out in the open. That’s done here all the time.

Then what was my problem? It offended my sense of fairness.

My problem?

When you seek public office or appointment in this country the public has a right to know. But how far into your personal life does this right go? It was the post of 1-6-2010 that went too far. When we find ourselves in this environment and comments of others go too far what recourse. Distance your self, comment on it consider leaving the forum. I have done all three.

I think the Flint Talk forum has added important information to the general public policy debate answering the question "Who is in charge of this city, downtown business interests, the mayor, the council, or the voters in the neighborhoods? The Cougar talk since it originated at Kettering is fair game. Where do I think a line was crossed.

A review of the thread “Larry Ford Fired.” Was it appropriate to talk of speculation of very personal relationships with big money donors to secure a job. Of course it is if you use the national media as a standard.[ Post of untangling the web on 1-6-2010.]

[Flint City Mole] then lays it out in post 1-6-2010. This was done as a question not a statement of fact.

[pauchuco] Raised the ethical/ question in post 1-11-2010.

Andi03 and “back again” joined in posts 1-11-2020 6 pm

In summary nothing was done wrong here.

The focus on the personal relationship was the real reason or the contrived excuse for the resignation.

This is a real power struggle. Chittle has started an anti ford face book to counter the pro-ford face book. Joel , the UofM downtown darling has weighed in supporting Walling. Pro Walling anti us posted are stalking MLIVE.

Phil is throwing elbows and wants to take some people out, real bad.

Ford may still be removed, some say Preston may be next, I bet Walling is even considering tearing down the DDA.

Transparency and accountability are objectives we should all seek. It is some times messy, but then so is democracy.

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