Wednesday, February 24, 2010


terry bankert a flint Divorce Lawyer Sharing his opinion.


We have an Honorable Mayor in tough times.

I want my Mayor to negotiate tough and keep his cards close to his chest.

Its the only way to negotiate.

When he does public things the council must be advised.

We should ignore the public relations manipulation until negotiations are completed.

Then we hold the Mayor accounable for the outcome.

Next will be the budget.

Give the mayor and Council space to negotiate and compromise.

If the Budget cannot be balanced then blame the council.

If the City goes bankrupt or into a recievership blame the Mayor and the Council. Other institutional interest should stay out of that discussion.

It is irresponsible to talk recall at this point.

What is quite obvious to me is that a coalition of people loyal to the last administration are lining up to cripple the city by another recall attempt and then run their own candidate. Its their right.

Its our right to call them out and take the fight to them.

We have City employees doing a great job for this City, they have strong unions to raise their voice.

We have a good Mayor and Council let them do their job.

Be suspicious of anyone talking recall , BANKRUPTCY, or opportunistic support for first responders. They are looking out for themselves not this community.
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