Monday, July 28, 2008

Alternate energy and wind turbines.

We are seeing big money fall behind wind turbine initiatives. Big money usually relies on big research and can defend their positions with a multitude of studies, as now with T.Boone Pickens and his wind tunnel initiatives. What is his motivation? Profit of course. He desires to affect public policy to benefit his natural gas .Pickens has posted his plan on line, spoken to Congress and putting millions of his own money behind referendums in California and lobbying Congress. Why we do not have more solar power and wind turbines? Is it the fault of our elected officials ,in both parties., A new public grid should be built and if government is not up to the challenge, let it be private. There is room for us in Michigan. To build wind turbines, look for areas of consistent wind. Our governments State, and Federal should get behind the idea of a new electric grid or get out of the way. Congress should declare an energy emergency and focus on our energy problems.

For full article and citations see ENERGY ALTERNATIVES INTERNET ADVISOR 69992

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