Friday, December 12, 2008

Political paybacks, Clayton TWP

By Terry Bankert

President Bush making Federal rule changes just before he leaves office, Clayton township supervisor making contract changes just before he left office. See the similarity.

Unseasoned and reacting hastily , newly elected Clayton Township Supervisor Bruce Beatty caused Tempers to flared at times during a packed Clayton Township board meeting last night.

Beatty got caught as he played political pay back to all the professionals given a contract under the former Supervisor Rod Shumaker.

Beatty seem to lack leadership temperament but it is a township position and he has plenty of time to grow into the job.

When pressed he made up a silly reason for his actions. He admitted he "... I took it upon myself to suspend them with pay until the board can decide what to do with their contract," The board quickly voted unanimously to reinstate Township Police Chief Melki and the other two township officials but only for 60 days at will.

Clayton Township is one of the most desirable places to live in Genesee County mainly because of its low crime rate and the contribution of the police chief Melki.

Residents said:
"Our crime rate is almost down to zero because our policemen are very visible. And I don't understand why we are here,"

One reason may have been that Melki was investigating issues in the township that may have included the supervisor.

It appears that either for Beatty his new position of power has gone to his head, or he is trying to right a wrong. We will have to wait an see.

Posted Here by
Terry Bankert

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