Friday, January 9, 2009

Hey Cherry is the one!

BY, Terry Bankert


It is a loss to Michigan to lose Governor Grandholm but it will happen. Looking to the future continued great leadership is on horizon.

A Genesee County native and favorite son Lt. Gov. John D. Cherry Jr. Will be governor in 2010.! That is my prediction. Why? Because this state needs him.

We have a nation that needs tried an true public sector professionals with vison at the helm. John Cherry is the one. We need a coalition builder that can bring our Michigan leadership together. John Cherry is the one.

The families of Michigan need a guardian at the helm in Michigan to protect their children education, the value of their homes and their retirement. John Cherry is the one.

John,Pam,Bob and I came up together in Genesee County. We have not always been on the same side. As an adversary he conducts him self with a focused intensity, fair but firm and decisive.

These are characteristic I want in a Governor. How about you?

John Cherry comes from rock solid Democratic stock out of Vienna Township.

He announced Thursday that he has formed a gubernatorial committee. “Cherry has been Gov. Jennifer Granholm's No. 2 since becoming her running mate in 2002. Granholm can't run for re-election in 2010 because of term limits.”

“Cherry served in the state House from 1983-86 and in the state Senate from 1987-2002. The Democrat was Senate minority leader from 1995-2002 and has close ties to organized labor.”

“As lieutenant governor, Cherry headed a task force that led to the creation of a plan to double the number of college graduates and was a key negotiator during the 2007 struggle to raise taxes and balance the state budget.”

“As lieutenant governor, Cherry could have a leg up on other Democrats in a primary.”

“Other Democrats who have expressed interest in a 2010 race include

Flint Mayor Don Williamson, [no way]

Macomb County Sheriff Mark Hackel [ he has some real skeltons in his closet],

Wayne County Executive Robert Ficano [pretty boy without a prayer] and

former Michigan State football coach and current university trustee George Perles. [go MICHIGAN]

Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson [ GIVE ME A BREAK THIS GUY IS ONE STEP FROM ASSISTED LIVING]is expected to announce this weekend that he's considering a run for the 2010 GOP nomination.

Other possible Republican candidates include

Secretary of State Terri Lynn Land [cannot do her current job],

Attorney General Mike Cox [skipped most of law school],

businessman David Brandon, [one of the great business minds thanks for the recession]

Reps. Pete Hoekstra [wanna bee],

Mike Rogers[wanna bee] and

Candice Miller [wanna bee]and

Oakland County Sheriff Mike Bouchard [gun toting Nethanderal].”

We are at an economic, social cross roads in America.

History teaches us that our leaders do matter.

John Cherry will make a positive difference his term as Governor will matter, we will be better off for it.

John Cherry has my full unreserved enthusiastic endorsement to be our next Governor of Michigan.

Posted here Terry Bankert

– see First posted on Flint Talk


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