Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Debate!

By; Terry Bankert
The political dam is about to break. There will be a flood of voters to the Democratic Party and its presumptive President Barrack Obama! Immediately after tonites debate the undecided will leave that status as their minds snap shut in support of Obama. Tonites contrast will be all that is wrong with Washington contrasted with all that is right with America. McCain vs Obama. The Republican big moneyed or evangelical homesteads will flood with no bail out in sight, no October surprise, no Palinific retort can save McCain or his base. McCain is now the man and republicans the political party that .....nobody can trust. ..... Trust!..... Heck gosh darn we here on the mainland just do not understand these complicated issues, bail out, 2 wars, job loss, gas more precious than Jim Beam. What we do know is how to look another human being in the eye listen to what they say and make an instinctive decision on whether we can trust the speaker. Trust. We do not trust John McCain with our future. Barrack Obama we trust. So fellow democrats and our new friends the no longer undecided, sit back and watch the debate tonite, That noise you will hear and feel is the rumble of deciding voters and the collapse of a once major political party. It will be the greatest show on Earth. I’ll bring the popcorn.
Terry Bankert

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