Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Obama endorsed by Internet

Blogospheric Party-endorses Barrack Obama for President of the United States


Early this morning I thought I had coined a new term to describe political activity on the internet. Previously I had asked if the internet were a political party how would it act. Answer exactly how it is acting today. So I thought, here is my 15 seconds of fame. It is the internet you do not get 15 minuets. I'll coin a new phrase" Blogo Spheric Party" Alas its already out there. So I’ll do the next best thing after creation I’ll co-opt it.

A POPULIST REVOLT Internet policy advocacy, fund-raising , voter turnout and traditional political action are now the norm on the internet. The blogosphere is the citizens media, the blogospheric party, as a pluralistic decentralized mode of policy advocacy is now acting like the planets new political party.

This party levels the playing field and extends political impact individually beyond mainstream politicians, pressure groups, pundits and media.

The paradigm of pluralism is fundamental in the blogoshere. It cannot be co-ordinated or controlled only guided issue by issue through the strongest voices which constantly change.

Do not attempt to control that which cannot be controlled. Social Darwinism is in play. Blogers out number the population of many small countries. If we post with tenacity, regularity and relevancy creating a following and placement bloggers will sweep aside the artifacts of political organization the U.S. the Republican and Democratic party. Or at the least assimilated them issue by issue with shifting alliances.

A "coney island waitress" can assemble a blog roll of the intellectual elite to her web, what power. Mom was a waitress. Whats different, the powers that be take their clue from the blogosphere, not us from them. Blogospheric discussion breaks the monopoly of traditional electronic and print media.

The blogosphere allows isolated like minds to band together issue by issue.

Blogers are the aggregators of intelligence and influence.

Someday will we crystalize as the blogospheric party!

Why not to day? Lets create a political upheaval So with the above in mind I was compelled to create the Google Blog site linked to the email and I bought the domain name.

The has officially been given birth at 5:25 am on 10-01-08.

What do we do now? Heck.....lets endorse a presidential candidate.


The Blogospheric Party officially declares its endorsement of Barrack Obama for President of the United States of America.(BD1)

Yes this is tongue in cheek ( ala Colbert and Dailey). If the Blogosphere ever unifies under real leadership this type of pronouncement could re shape the world. Un-centralized is the best and only way and look around , its happening now. Great fun and it only costs $15.

Terry Bankert,
contact thru- 10/01/2008 -sources-

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