Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Flint acting to lower crime.

With this comment I do not mean to be be negative nor a cheerleader, but what can Flint do to lower crime?
1. Action over inaction.
2.Transparency vs doubt and fear
3.Inclusive "real" community involvement.
4. Regular reports to the community on status of initatives launched. Accountability vs politics
5." broken window" vs arrest and prosecution
6.The above are nice ideas but the only real solution short term, less than multiple years, is additional permanent police deployment.
7. The Mayor, as he is doing, must seek out every option that there is funding for.
8.The council must watch the money.
9.The community should ask the mayor and the council what can we do to help.
10. The electorate must hold these decision makers accountable at regular elections never recalls.
To my council person and the mayor what can we do to help?

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