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What the hades just happened?
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Good Morning Flint! 10/04/08
By Terry Bankert
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What happened to us yesterday? Bailout, who got bailed out? The foreclosure signs are still on the windows, gas around $3.50 a gallon, middle class kids cannot afford college?-trb
The middle class did not get bailed out, the moneyed class just had their economic lives "extended" when the free market doctine they have crammed down our throats shopuld have taken them out. Any bill George W. Bush rushed to sign cannot help me, you or your kids.-trb
The money republicans changed theory game plan and caught the democrats, protectors of the middle class, off guard, ill prepared, flat footed, afraid of their shadows, heads in the sand.-trb
Here is what they did: Move the vote first to the Senate, that musty stateroom of elitism.Included other measure/the new pork called extenders.And increasd the FDIC limits. Rich people have more money. Got to protect them jujst incase this new "plan" does not work. We all get to cover their losses again.-trb
I hope there is a CSI episode with a forensic accounting analyisi of what the hades just happened to your economic future!-trb
You will never guess, but the bailout helps the companies by reducing funding for programs to hellp the common person. For instance " the bill lists dozens of tax breaks for companies and industries large and small -trb
Sec. 503. Exemption from excise tax for certain wooden arrows designed for use by children
Sec. 317. Seven-year cost recovery period for motorsports racing track facility
Sec. 308. Increase in limit on cover over of rum excise tax to Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands
Sec. 301. Extension and modification of research credit
Sec. 504. Income averaging for amounts received in connection with the Exxon Valdez litigation
Sec. 601. Secure rural schools and community self-determination program.
Sec. 201. Deduction for state and local sales taxes
Sec 502. Provisions related to film and television productions
Sec. 325. Extension and modification of duty suspension on wool products; wool research fund; wool duty refunds
Sec. 309. Extension of economic development credit for American Samoa
Other Examples:
Here are some other interesting provisions
Sec. 201. Inclusion of cellulosic biofuel in bonus depreciation for biomass ethanol plant property

Sec. 211. Transportation fringe benefit to bicycle commuters
Sec. 323. Enhanced charitable deductions for contributions of food inventory
Sec. 324. Extension of enhanced charitable deduction for contributions of bookinventorySec. 602. Transfer to abandoned mine reclamation fund

By Terry Bankert
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