Saturday, August 8, 2009

Farner Flint and the Farmers Market

Good Morning Flint.

What a glorious day to be a native of Flint Michigan, avowed liberal and Rock Concert promoter [hiding behind his wife].

Well its raining at 6 am this Saturday.

I may be toast if this continues next week.

The long range forecasters show Flint to be dry weather on the 15, TV 12 shows a little rain on Friday.

The Farmers Almanac was not friendly.

Did I tell you about the umbrella concession.

Back to the Bricks will fill Flint with scruffy boomers.

These boomers as luck would have it are the target market of a Mark Farner (formerly of Grand Funk) concert.

The band going on just before Mark Farner is Pac-O-Mojo. Curt Johnson from The Pack and Dennis Bellinger who played with Grand Funk in the 80's are in this band. [Thanks Tliedel]

Farner plays for 2 hours.

The audience will get 2.5 hours of professional classical Rock and Roll pro’s.

Mike Abraham of Mikes Triple Grille [ downtown Flint] a producing partner with my wife Lynn Sorenson and a rock and roller has put together a great program of local rockers that will play all day.

It has been my pleasure to meet Mr. Abraham.

Mike Abraham is the real deal and you should meet him and patronize his Deli.

Larry Ford of the DDA has authorized a MARK FARNER ticket BOX office downtown Flint, at Kearsley and South Saginaw.

The highest profile location downtown.

Thank You Larry Ford.

I met Pete "fat kat" Flanders this week.

He has a musical store on Dort highway.

He will have 15 min between bands to give Flint a Rock and Roll History.

Funnyman Mark Bonto will entertain with stand up comedy between one set.

I wanted to ask SGT Coney to sing God Bless America to start the program.

Let her know I would like to talk to her.

Downtown Businessman Tom Z is buying tickets to give away to the unemployed.

Stop by his restaurant and ask.

Tom has been promoting the concert on his electronic billboard.

We also have our promotion on the DDA downtown electronic bill board. [Plus hignway billboards,radio , TV and 1.5 million eletronic impression on facebook plus much more] .

Deb Collins stepped up to the plate to help Lynn resulting in a great media buy and the Partnership of TV 12. Thank You TV 12 and Deb Collins.

Thank you to all the sponsors and media out lets who have helped us.

We are giving back to the community. Mission of Hope a day program for the homeless is our principal non profit. The mission is led by Bobby Jackson.

What a pleasure to meet this man. They get a % of the liquid concession. Additionally Mark Farner signed a Fender electric Guitar which will be raffled away at the concert. Tickets are $1. 100% of raffle sales goes to the Mission who is total control of the tickets, revenue and the drawing. Holy Rosary will have a gaming fundraiser right at Atwood . Stop by their tent and help their cause. Genesee Food bank will have a food collection center. Bring a canned good for the cause.

Kettering University is partnering with us. A block of tickets was donated to them to sell to students and Kettering will donate the proceeds to one or more of their non profit charities. Thank You.

We have carved out a role for our new great Mayor Dayne Walling.

We are asking the Mayor to designate a Mark Farner day and award him the key to City.

This will be done a t a 103.9 remote promotion. He will also have a role on stage during the concert before Farner. Things are breaking fast, his administration is brand new. I left message where ever I could.

Being an ex city clerk and knowing how tough this first week will be for the mayor to coordinate I have order the key and am writing the proclamation, Mr. Mayor just show up…please.

I have offer edthe Atwood Press Box top Floor to the Mayor and his team, City Council and the Atwood authority are invited to the first floor.

We have a great VIP tent $100 for admission. This gets seating next to the stage, food, under a tent, cash bar and bathrooms near. Dan Schmier from All Star travel is partnering with us and making community contacts to promote this great option.

General admisison seats are $15 advance, $20 day of the event. Our vendor line up is full many great sources for food and some retail, even a peace symbol booth.

I did not mean this to be a full thank you for all who have helped .

The producer team of Mike Abraham and Lynn Sorenson will do that later.

Thank You, Flint Department of Recreation, Downtown Development Authority, and any body who helped this event together.

But one more person. I am watching the huge effort Lynn Sorenson is putting into brining this event to Flint, Atwood and you. This has been no easy feat.

Mike Abraham has proven himself to be a stand up guy.

So I am off to the Flint Farmers Market to Sell tickets with “Flints OZZY”. it’s a long story but you should stop by our booth and meet this guy. [It was rained out]

For the balance of the next week I will be a rock and roll promoter.

I'll try out one of our umbrellas.

Why am I doing this?.....

I am having the time of my life.

Terry Bankert

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