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Just inconvenient for us, but it may kill our great grandchildren. Is it just their problem? Or is it ours?!(trb)

With all major Democrats and some Republicans promoting a change in policy, ... voters should ask themselves which candidate will most zealously fight global warming.(OWO)

SUMMARY for the chatters (twoTap): Republican plan or lack of, bad! Democratic candidates plans Good!(trb) Read no further it may hurt your eyes.(trb)

Where is Al Gore when you really need him?(trb)

DEMOCRATS HAVE THE ONLY REAL ANSWERS IN AMERICA (trb) For their part, the Democratic candidates have not been shy about discussing the issue on the campaign trail. Hillary Clinton says she wants "a new beginning in terms of energy and global warming." John Edwards says "America's got to clean up its act" on climate change. And, like many other candidates and pundits, Barrack Obama talks about "freeing ourselves from dependence on foreign oil." (OWO)

Europe: Climate expert calls for plan to stop Global Warming from preempting the Super Bowl.(Dummies012108)

"It means if you are a company or an enterprise that reduces your greenhouse gas emissions you earn a credit," McCain told a VFW hall in New Hampshire in December. "Then when somebody else starts a business or an enterprise and they are emitting greenhouse gas emissions, they can buy that credit from you and meanwhile there is a gradual reduction of greenhouse gas emissions."(OWO)

John, we are dying! Is your plan enough?(t rb)

No cap-and-trade system is currently in effect in the United States -- primarily because such a system is opposed by the Bush administration.(OWO)


"Climate change is a top concern of South Carolina primary voters," said Cynthia Powell, a Myrtle Beach resident and undecided voter. "We see a clean energy future in South Carolina as the best way to create jobs and protect the environment."(OWO)


Copenhagen/Washington, 21 Jan. (AKI) - The European Union's chief environment expert, Jacqueline McGlade, said countries must invest more in the battle to fight climate change .[AI 012208)


The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), in its Fourth Assessment Report (released in 2007) concludes that the “warming of the climate system is unequivocal, as is now evident from observations of increases in global average air and ocean temperatures, widespread melting of snow and ice, and rising global average sea level.” It further reports that the temperature change at the turn of this century is projected to increase by 1.1-6.4 C with a rise in sea level of 18-59 centimeters relative to 1980-1999 levels. (MT012208)


McGlade, head of the European Environment Agency (EEA) said Europe needed a Marshall plan of investment - up to several percentage points of GDP per year - to reduce vulnerability to climate change. [AI 012208)

"All three of these Democratic candidates are way, way beyond any kind of presidential discourse that we've had on global warming," environmental journalist Mark Hertzgaard told OneWorld. " All the presidential candidates on the Democratic side recognize that the problem is real, that it requires immediate action , and that you've got to get to what the science says is necessary -- which is quick, deep cuts [in greenhouse gas emissions] beginning within five years [and] getting all the way to 80-percent cuts by the year 2050."(OWO)

Go team! (Trb)

In an interview with the German news agency Deutsche Presse-Agentur (dpa), McGlade said Europe must also lead by example on global warming , especially in reducing the use of coal and encouraging action in the developing world.[AI 012208)

Do you remember George Bush the soon to be ex president of the United States ever speaking in a meaningful manner about Global Warming?(trb)


As previously mentioned, this is caused by the accumulation of greenhouse gases (GHG) in the Earth’s atmosphere that is causing sunlight, that is reflected by the Earth’s surface, to be reflected back to Earth causing global warming. The major source of GHG is carbon dioxide from the burning of fossil fuels. Because of global warming, the glaciers and ice sheets in the coldest parts of the world are melting, causing the sea levels to rise. The temperature increase also heats the ocean waters contributing to the increase in sea levels and the incidence of more powerful typhoons and hurricanes. The global warming also has caused heat waves, droughts in some areas of the world while other parts of the world are experiencing severe rains and floods . (MT012208)

It affects the US also(TRB)

With many miles of tidal shoreline and an economy that depends heavily on tourism and agriculture, South Carolina is particularly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change, said the Carolina Climate Network in a statement Sunday, arguing that investments in renewable energy technologies like wind, solar, and biomass can create more jobs than "a highly automated plant burning dirty imported fuel."(OWO)


Britain endorses Indias stand on climate change DH News Service, New Delhi: India's persistent efforts to use per capita emission as the basis of all future global climate change negotiations have been endorsed by the UK. [DH 012208)

Speaking ahead of the EU's planned release this week of what she called a "very ambitious climate change and energy package", McGlade said she wanted to ensure that Europe was both united in its approach to the environment and "doing its utmost" in the bloc's own environmental policies.[AI 012208)

We are all in this together, what is our policy? Ask your congressman.(trb)

As head of the EEA which services the EU's 27 members as well as 10 other European countries, McGlade oversees Europe's environmental information system - a think-tank that studies economic, social and scientific aspects of global warming, air pollution, and other issues.[AI 012208)

Sorry we don’t use that think tank stuff, its for whimps.(trb)

She said since Europe was already falling short of its robust targets to reduce carbon emissions and the EU Commission's package would move to consolidate the targets and a future approach to climate change.[AI 012208)

So much for planning. GW (global warming) needs to be repackaged. Like GW the ultimate weapon of mass destruction! Yep that will get their attention.(trb)

BRITNY SPEARS IS PISSED OFF she vacations in the Philippines with each husband, what will she do next.(Dummies012108)

The Philippines is exposed to the effects of super typhoons, which are expected to become even more powerful in the coming years as a result of the warmer ocean water. The increase in sea levels will endanger the inhabitants of coastal towns causing massive dislocation, migration, loss of livelihood, reduction in agricultural and fisheries outputs, and health problems. (MT012208)


McGlade told dpa that a major advance had been made with the agreement in December to include aviation emissions in the EU's carbon trading scheme.[AI 012208)


But there was a disagreement, especially in Germany, over the commission's recent approval of strict limits on automotive carbon dioxide emissions. [AI 012208)

More negotiation needed! With whom, the devil? (Trb)

After his meeting with the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, the visiting UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown said per capita emission rates was an “important and equitable principle”, which should be “seriously considered” in global climate change negotiation.[DH 012208)

Small economic interest are bent on killing us.(trb)

McGlade said she was also bracing for a fight within Europe on coal - an issue which is also important with respect to China and India and their emissions reductions.[AI 012208)

Some are fighting back.(trb)

"Europe must lead by example, with China and India" she said.[AI 012208)

However, she said the EU's track record on the environment had been less than illustrious. [AI 012208)

"While at the same time wanting to meet very ambitious targets, we have the UK announcing a whole new generation of coal plants," said McGlade, a former environmental advisor to the British government.[AI 012208)

"When confronted with the package ... countries like Poland and Germany must be seriously rethinking what that means if they are going to try to meet these much more aggressive emission targets." [AI 012208)

"Ultimately, we will have to rethink the use of coal," McGlade said. [AI 012208)

Europe should need little convincing of the threats posed by global warming. The 2003 European heat wave was blamed for 35,000 deaths. Greece and Britain witnessed extreme fires and floods just this summer that cost billions of dollars. [AI 012208)

McGlade proposed a "Marshall Plan" for Europe to adapt to climate change and reconstruct itself to "reduce vulnerability for the coming century." [AI 012208)

India is trying.(trb)

Countering intense pressure from the USA and other European nations on cutting down of green houses gases like carbon dioxide and methane that warm up the planet, Dr Singh proposed to use per capita emission as the basis for climate change negotiation. While in absolute terms, India is the world’s fourth largest emitter after USA, EU and China, the per capita analysis makes it aptly clear that India is way behind the USA or EU on emission.[DH 012208)


"It's gradually dawning on everyone that it's no good just building a flood defense a few feet higher," she said. "It's no good building new houses in areas where there will be drought." The EU expert said she was optimistic that adaptation and mitigation were within reach, because the international will to do so was strong. [AI 012208)

International investors, for example, were increasingly insisting that companies calculate their carbon footprint and reduce emissions. Venture capital was also flowing into green technology. However, she said none of the steps would come cheap. Even more expensive than mitigation are the adaptive measures - such as rethinking the location of industrial and maritime shipping and building up fire and flood defenses. [AI 012208)

Former World Bank chief economist, Nicholas Stern, said inaction could also cost up to 5 percent of GDP in terms of social and infrastructure costs.[AI 012208)

"While Kyoto has been discussed (in the past) in terms of burden sharing, the terminology has now shifted to benefit sharing," McGlade said. [AI 012208)


India’s per capita carbon dioxide emission is 20 times less than that of the USA and almost 10 times less than European Union. [DH 012208)

The UK per capita carbon dioxide production is 9.2 tonnes whereas for India, the figure stands at mere 1.1 ton. When Dr Singh proposed the formula at Heiligendamn, the only support he received was from the German chancellor Angela Merkel. [DH 012208)

The UK is the second influential nation that rallied behind New Delhi.[DH 012208)

Responding to technology transfer demands from India, the UK has agreed to work together to find out the barriers preventing transfer of low carbon technologies from the UK to India.[DH 012208)

She insisted it was up to Europe to present a common front in 2009 when the international community is due to meet in Copenhagen to mold environmental policies for the time after the 2012 expiry of the Kyoto Protocol. [AI 012208)



What measures should we take? We have to do our share in reducing carbon dioxide emissions by “cleaning-up” our factories and transportation system. The smoke-belching campaign of government has not been found effective with many vehicles still plying our streets emitting a lot of black smoke. We also have to adopt power-generation technologies that do not add to GHG accumulation like solar, wind, hydro power and geothermal. (MT012208)

We may have to require owners or designers of new buildings and factories to use self-generated power that does not use fossil fuels, like solar panels and wind turbines as part of their total power requirement. Owners of old buildings and factories may have to retrofit their electrical and power systems so that said systems become more power-efficient. We have to make efficient use of power and energy in our homes, offices and everywhere. We should encourage people to use our mass-transit system or have car pools and to use fuel-efficient vehicles. (MT012208)

We need to protect our remaining forests that help in absorbing part of the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. CO2 has an estimated atmospheric lifetime of 50 to 200 years. We should also mobilize people to plant trees to create additional capacities for CO2 absorption. We should also control population growth. A bigger population will require more houses, buildings, food, power usage, etc. which directly contribute to GHG accumulation. (MT012208)

"It's all a matter of degrees," Nayak told OneWorld. "The differences between the Democrats and most of the Republicans is really night and day. That's something any voter, no matter how engaged, will get." Nayak said the leading Democrats' main difference on environmental policy is one of style. But, he said, when it comes to combating global warming that's not insignificant. (OWO)

"The one part of the story that hasn't gotten enough scrutiny is how effectively and how quickly can the next president bring the world together," he said. "This is going to need to be a massive international effort, and the next president will have to lead the way." (OWO)

Posted here by Terry Bankert http://attorneybankert.com/ I hope the silly stuff did not detract from the message: We need a plan, now!

–where did this stuff come from-- [AI 012208) Adnkronos International http://www.adnkronos.com/AKI/English/Security/?id=1.0.1793823761 - [DH 012208) Decann Herald 01/22/08 http://www.deccanherald.com/Content/Jan222008/national2008012247958.asp - (MT012208) The Manila Times 01/22/08 http://www.manilatimes.net/national/2008/jan/22/yehey/business/20080122bus9.html - (Dummies012108) Snappy little moronic comments from the intellectuals of mid Michgian MDEAD.DUMB @ BOOTHIES Of course these site , MDEAD , quotations are not true, just here to keep attention, but you knew that? - (TRB) Comments of Terry Bankert http://attorneybankert.com/ - (OW0) Aaron Glantz, OneWorld US Mon Jan 21, 5:26 PM ET http://news.yahoo.com/s/oneworld/20080121/wl_oneworld/45361570621200957996 - also posted to Flint Citizen,Good Morning Flint, Good Morning Michgian Craigs list, Face Book, My Space, feel free to send to your friends 33470

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