Sunday, December 11, 2011

"OCCUPY FLINT" The movement is getting stronger. The camp at 505 MLK Ave. Flint Mi is threatened.

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1. Protesters

2.Camp support

3. To be decided by GA later,Contributors to legal defense fund [ if not pro bono]

4. Legal Defense team. Contact Terry Bankert at 810-730-6427

5. Lobby for Occupy Flint if you can. TO; City Emergency Manager, your union, your church, your Governor, your legislature, your Mayor, your council person, your neighborhood group, your clubs and associations,and to any person or organization that you think can help. You make the contact please. Call them. Write them, talk to them in person. Message them by face book,and post on their facebook wall.


The movement in Flint is strong and getting stronger. The Camp at 505 MLK Ave. Flint Mi is threatened.
Our American Indian tribal camps were crushed. Our right to peaceful assembly and free speech as a people was trampled. Our people and culture scattered to the winds. The same is happening to our "Occupy Movement" brothers and sisters.

What will be the legacy of the Occupy movement? Now is not the time to give up hope occupiers. This country is founded on the principals of peaceful assembly and free speech. Zoning restrictions and building codes are secondary to these sacred American principals. Occupy Flint has not confronted our brothers and sisters on the Flint Police force. We have not distracted scarce city resources or cost the city a dime.The headquarters of Occupy Flint is on Private property, 505 MLK Ave. Flint Mi 48503.It will be legally costly to the City of Flint to attempt ,and it will fail, to move Occupy Flint from this site.

What ever happens to this camp site will  not stop the " Occupy Flint" movement.

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