Sunday, March 14, 2010

POW-WOW, Racisim and a Question

By Terry Bankert, a Flint Divorce Lawyer sharing his opinion.

I attended several events yesterday. Following are my pictures and the story of the people who look like me. They do not preach separation, division, victimization just the purity of the earth, the human spirit, community and self determination.

My Pictures.
The story.

I attended the Environmental Racism conference. Pastor Bobbie Jackson and another were beacons of love compassion and mutual objectives.

The Detroit Operation were merchants of division , hate, and disappointing.

A question was raised as a result of a discussion with an agent of an institution I talked about several weeks ago.

Q; What is the responsibility of a hobby blogger to be factually correct. I am not a reporter. My comments are spontaneous reflection of the thoughts I have based upon in front of me, articles, comments, meetings.

This is filtered through my background and limited ability to write. No novels here. What is the responsibility of a hobby blogger to check out the facts like a reporter?

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Terry Bankert

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