Friday, July 10, 2009

Flint Happening Event


You are invited to participate in the revival of Flint MI.

I am one of the sponsor /producers of the Mark Farner " Coming Home " concert at Atwood Stadium 8/15/09.

" Flint Back to the Bricks" will be 3 blocks away.

Our Billboards are up , Radio 103.9 is spreading the word and T.V. is on the horizon.

TicketMaster is on Line.

Your product or service display will be seen by 10,000 people. We have vendors, games of chance ( Holy Rosary "Las Vegas" tent), and 10 great local bands playing from 11 am until 7 P.M.. Mark Farner Comes on at 7 P.M.

Tickets are $15 in advance and $20 at the door. VIP tickets get a tent, chair seating, Bathroom access and a food Bar near the stage. They are $100

Please take time to review the sponsorship option. I recommend you consider out "Steel"

This get your name on selected advertising,

10 field tickets ($200) value.

2 VIP " Artist Meet and Greet" Backstage Passes ($200) value.

2 Guest passes to Pavilion VIP Hospitality Area. Meet and Greet.

2 parking passes and Product display at venue (10x10). You sponsorship will be announced between the bands from the stage. All for $1,200.

To secure you product or service presence contact Lynn Sorenson President of Flint Revival Inc. At 235-1970. ( My office number, Lynn is my wife). Or call me directly office 235-1970.

If you would like a greater presence at the Flint Revival Festival I would like to talk to you!

Terry Bankert
810-235-1970 office
730-6427 cell

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Judas Levi Johnston

BY Terry Bankert

To society being a success is synonymous with being a good person. Elton and Levon are, rest not. Humm the following to LEVON.

Levi Johnston wears his Palin time like a crown
He calls his Sarah mommie`Cause he likes the name
And she sent him to the finest conservative home in town

Now Levi former fiance of Gov. Sarah Palin's 18-year-old daughter proclaims for coin he thinks he knows why the Alaska governor is resigning — concerns over money. It sways our heart to know this 19 yr turncoat can even have a thought.

Levi Johnston wants his money
He wants to make a lot they say
Spend his days countingIn a garage by the motorway

Poor Levi Johnston, 19, whose wedding to Bristol Palin was called off earlier this year, says he believes the governor is resigning over personal finances.

Now finances is the order of the day, Palin betrays the people of Alaska and Conservatives of America by abandoning her post to go fishing, fishing for Salmon, book deals and a T.V. Show.

Levi just betrayed Sarah. All for money.

He was born a pauper to a pawn on a Christmas dayWhen the New York Times said God is dead And the war's begun

Mr. Johnston has a son today

Levi Johnston lived with the Sarah‘s family from early December to the second week in January.

He heard their most private family thoughts that he is attempting to exploit today. He claims he heard the governor several times say how nice it would be to take advantage of the lucrative deals that were being offered, including a reality show and a book.

Judas is an angle compared to Levi.

And he shall be Levi
And he shall be a good man
And he shall be Levi

In tradition with the family plan

Levi has the motor skill for speech, he said "I think the big deal was the book. That was millions of dollars," said Levi Johnston, who has had a strained relationship, and now stained, with Sarah’s family but now says things have improved, in his mind ,but you really need to speak to Todd bout that one!

And he shall be Levi
And he shall be a good man
He shall be Levi

From the world press we hear Palin has a book deal, but compensation details haven't been disclosed.

The industry knows the history of a fallen lite weight now abandoning a high office will sell books. The governor has said she is facing more than $500,000 in legal fees.

Levi Johnston sells cartoon tales in town
His family business thrivesJesus blows up tall tales all day
Sits on the porch swing watching them fly

Levi Johnston came forward, the mouth piece said, because Alaskans want to know why Palin has decided to resign.

Sarah made the announcement last Friday.

And Jesus, he wants to go to Venus

Leaving Levi Johnston far behind

Take a tall tale and go sailing
While Levi Johnston slowly dies
He was born a pauper to a pawn on a Christmas day
When the New York Times said God is deadAnd the war's begunMr. Johnston has a son today, a traitor tomorrow
And he shall be Levi
And he shall be a good man
And he shall be Levi

In tradition with the family planAnd he shall be Levi

And he shall be a good manHe shall be Levi
And he shall be Levi

And he shall be a good manAnd he shall be Levi

In tradition with the family plan

And he shall be LeviAnd he shall be a good man
He shall be Levi

Levi Johnston also is following Jesus pursuing his own book deal working as a carpenter while also pursuing a movie deal, A Superstar be he.

The only bigger turncoat in Alaska than Sarah is Levi.


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