Sunday, June 7, 2009

Mark Farner concert music line up 8/15/ at Atwood


FARNER ON AT 7- 8:30 pm August 15 Atwood Stadium, Flint

MUSIC- ALL day long;
C4 at 11 am,
Driven Under at 11:45,
South Bay Bessie 12:30,
The Whip at 1:15,
Hyper at 2:00,
Waltz Crawlerz at 2:45,
Last Warning at 3:30,
Lil Miss dangerous 4:15,
Forte at 5:00,
Dr.Payne at 5:45,
AND possibly Lynn on the keyboard between bands throughout the day playing hits from this era on the piano. (If we can catch up with her, as she will be busy making sure everyone is having a great time. We'll see if we can talk her into it! I sure hope so!!)

Then: FARNER BRINGS THE HOUSE DOWN AT 7:00 PM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Here's a quick little slide show commercial with a great Marquee Farner behind Farner Marketeer/Spokeswoman Lynn.

I can just imagine how many "takes" she took to finally eloquently enunciate "Mark Farner" and "Farmer's Market in Flint" in the same sentence!

On camera no less!

Add the fact that she had to say: August "fifteenth" too, and I think she's ready for a "cold one" from one of the sponsors foamy fountains. Good thing she didn't add the"Forty Year's Funkin'" quip!from Cruizinsuezin

But, speaking of sameness, how easy is that to remember: "Farmer Farner at..." No wait, Mark Farmer (happens all the time) Mark Farner's Marketed at Flints Farmer's Market...yeah, that's the ticket! Oh, [Caution cheesy question ahead] Somebody say ticket? from Cruizinsuezin


Buy Tickets at Flint Farmers Market every Saturday 10 am to 2 pm. For Mark Farner August 15.

Every week day at Mike’s Triple Grille Downtown Flint. 810-239-4444

Every day at Blackstones Eatery 810-234-9011


Do you need a ticket, a lot of tickets, want to be a sponsor, buy a VIP ticket or get involved in the Flint Revival Celebration in any other way Call Integrated Marketing 1-810-515-1928 .

This is destined to be a HOT time in Flint!
Get your ticket's!
Tell your friends! Come Fan the Flames! Don't forget...It's the Forty Years Funkin' Celebration where fan club members send in their Grand Funkin'story and if Mark draws your entry you win a personal phone call from him! Sign up and 'fess up today!

Tell your friends! Come Fan the Flames!

Don't forget...It's the "Forty Years Funkin'" Celebration says Cruizinsuezin

Oh,…boy did I mess up… in the rush of promotion for this historic Mark Farner event we have been moving fast and used a photo of another with out permission. Special thanks to Suzie, we will set aside a banner or other material for you.

Her email follows.


I am just lit!!!

Ticket information noted. And, I believe you used one one of my picture's for that magnificent poster! I love it!!!

The pictures are from the MT. Clemens show where Mark appeared a few days after the "other guys" that hold the right to GFR LLC.

I can tell you that was a fantastic show!

It was like Mark had something to prove and prove it he did...he is Grand Funk Railroad! I expec the will have that same fire in Flint...if not more!

Your choice to have Mark Farner play the Atwood will contain wonderful returns in so many ways, for years to come!

We fans applaud you!

Thanks for your great taste in music!!!

Oh, and if I could get one of those posters when your done with them...THAT WOULD ROCK!

Thanks again,

Thank You Suez From Lynn Sorneson
Posted here
by Terry Bankert

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