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Changes in Child Support

Changes in Child Support in Michigan. 10/26/08

My name is Terry Bankert , I have purchased the Genesee County franchise through "DumpMySpouse.". This is alternative advertising.

I hold marraige and unions for the sake of the children to be quite important. But when you make that decision to end your relationship my law firm is available to help you.

In Flint and Genesee County Michigan USA.I am a Flint Divorce Lawyer.Please allow me to share some thoughts as a Flint Divorce Attorney on the changes in the 2008 Michigan Child Support formula and its calculations.

I have been a practicing Flint Divorce Attorney since 1994.We have some changes in child support that may affect you directly. A year ago changes in the child support laws were enacted that went into effect 10/01/2008. Some of the old child support elements have been eliminated others have been changed.

Divorce Law is hard enough to understand when you are in the middle of the emotional breakup of your family.

Getting your head around issues such as child support may be too much with out help. What sets apart my law firm is that we take the time to educate you so that you now your rights and how decisions and calculation of support are made.

For instance; income determinations have been changed, exemptions have become determinations, step children and children in your home when you pay child support elsewhere are given economic credit for the sacrifices you are making.

Child care has a date certain that it will end and you get economic credit for any overnight parenting that you have with your child.There is economic justice for the non custodial parent in the amended law.

There are many Flint Attorney or Flint Family Law attorneys that can help you.

What separates my law firm is that this is our specialization, we are available and will spend the time necessary so that you understand your options.

One of the most important parts of the new law for Flint Families in divorce and confronting the issues of child support and child custody /parenting time if that there is no longer a sharp drop in the paying parents child support between 127 and 128 annual overnight.

It is now an even balances series of reductions based upon these overnight.

Under the old version of the law one additional overnight could reduce child support by 30%.
Call my office for an appointment to discuss how the new changes affect you.There will be no charge for the initial consultation when you mention you saw this article on line.

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