Saturday, February 20, 2010

Divorce Lawyer Invited to "Saving Our City Conference" in Flint

Feb. 20th 2010,
Flint Northern High School. Facilitator Douglas Taylor,
Appears to be some affiliation with “Overcomers Youth Center Inc.”
Posted here by Terry Bankert A Flint Divorce Alwyer sharing his opinion.

As A Flint Divorce Attorney I have been invited to be a speaker at this event at 11:00 am and to speak generally about topics I focused on my radio show. I went off the air about a year ago,WFLT every Saturday Morning “Know the Law” where I focused on Flint Divorce and Family Law.

My plan is to talk about Young Men Getting parenting time when they go to court for child support. This first court hearing could be from a divorce, paternity or Prosecutors action.

Presentation can be found at;

The circulated agenda to this public meeting follows.

Purpose: We believe one of the ways to save Flint is by coming together to address the issues that are holding Flint down. When building a house it must be built on a solid foundation to stand the test of any kind of weather; tornadoes, thunderstorms, floods, even earthquakes. When a house is built on sand or a weak foundation it will not stand the test. The reason for having this men conference is to build a foundation for Flint by helping men to create the correct mind-set to re-build our city we call home. We believe once we as strong men start building our families, homes, neighborhood, community Flint will have the foundation to stand against any storm.


The agenda is posted in the information package everyone received upon entering the conference.

9:00 AM REBULIDING THE CITY: Speak on ways to help re-build the city by re-building the family structure. By doing this should help re-build the neighborhoods and communities.

9:30 AM STARTING YOUR OWN BUSINESS: Hire family members or youth from neighborhoods, after opening a business in the community. (Make city contracts)

10:00AM STOP YOUTH KIILS/CRIME: Showing the youth how to respect themselves and others. Encourage them to do good deeds in the communities. Encourage them to stay in school and show them by dropping out will make it harder for the next kid. (School closing makes it hard to learn)

10:30 AM BREAK (for 15 minutes)

10:45 AM RAISING THE HOME VALUE: Keep the neighborhoods clean, by taking charge of your home and your blocks. When every block stays clean then the community stays clean in return the value of the homes will raise.

11:15 AM HOW TO CREAT A BETTER SCHOOL SYSTEM: When the school enrollment is up; money from the state will increase. In some cases there will be enough money to hire teachers and reopen some of the city schools.

11:45 AM MAKING A COMMITMENT TO YOURSELF: In order t help the community and the city, we as strong men must make a comment to change our way of thinking about this city. Make a commitment to help ten young people every week for a year. (Have the names and the progress of each one for the next conference)

12:15 PM to 1:15 PM LUNCH BREAK Lunch will be set-up and prepared by women volunteers. (Mothers, wives, daughter, girl friends and sisters) Welcome back recap on what we discussed in the first half / portion /morning.

1:15 PM RESPECT WOMEN AT ALL TIMES: Treat all women like queens. How would you like someone to treat your mother, sister, wife or daughter?

1:45 PM FAMILY MATTERS: The role of a man in the family, support your wife and teach the kids respect.

2:15 PM WHAT CAN YOU DO? Think about what you as a man can do for your family, community and city to make it a better place to live.

2:45 PM 15 MINUTE BREAK 3:00 PM YOU’RE NOT ALONE: There are many of us in the same boat. In order to fight the storms we must support one another to keep the foundation strong. (Start support groups will meet once a month to discuss the issues and concerns.)

3:30 PM MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN SOMEONE’S LIFE: Spend one hour a week helping a young man stay on the right track by becoming a MENTOR. There are many organizations in the city looking for mentors, The Flint Schools, Big Bothers Programs etc.…

4:00 PM Q&A: Answer question end of the conference. Meet with the speakers until

5:00 PM
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