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Holmes, Yoots and adult responsibility

Good Morning Flint

September 15 2007 By Terry Bankert

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Da 2 yoots rights have been violated by the Adults, now what?


Tuesday-back in game

Wednesday-Public opinion rears its ugly head

Bloody -Friday- Students suspended, coach relived of duties

Law at :

Q:Should Home Invasion excluded a student from Holmes Youthful Trainee status.

Q:What internal rules did the coach violate.

Q:Has the Flint Board of Education and Interim Superintendent violated the law by taking the ability to play football away from the students because of their YT status?

Q:Was there anything improper about the public comments of the Prosecutor and Sheriff? Discussion has been lively, heated, silly and serious on the boards concerning issues in Flint MI about the two suspended football players “discovered” to be spending their nights in jail for 90 days as part of an order of a 7th Circuit Court Judge who assigned to them the status of Youthful Trainee. [YT].

These YT’s , after successful completion would have no criminal record.

They were convicted of no crime.

They were assigned a status.

As Andi03 on Flint Talk ,, stated “For some reason, the image of the Movie "My Cousin Vinnie" comes into play, where Joe Pesci talks in his Bronx accent to Lurch, the judge......."The two 'yoots." "What?!" "Oh, excuse me the two yoooooouuuuttttthhhhs."

The initial coverage when the status of these yoots was leaked was slicker and sicker than a Pesci hair do.

The press launched on them like “tax deadline” coverage.

They were almost as exclusive as a 1 inch snow fall weather team special report.

The Flint Journal and TV 12 intellectuals raised the 5th estate on their shoulders to give us the High Definition view of a “ Jerry Springer” out pouring of moral outrage capped by the Journals con of Khan gutter ball, foul play ,front page of the sports section ,above the cut below the belt, minor league clutch when he dropped the ball of ethics.

That was fun, what I meant was I think the press coverage left something to be desired.

Somewhere in the onslaught of outrage I posted my analysis of the law concluding the privacy right of the yoots was violated. Others had already voice concerns.

Case law seems to indicate that officials who leaked this information like the Prosecutor and Sheriff may have not been with in line with statutory interpretation of the Holmes Youth Trainee Act and case law. But I could be wrong. This part of the puzzle is for others to decide.

After watching closely the boards:
Flint Talk
Flint Town Talk
Flint Citizen
and the comments on the Flint Journal New Now

I think the community has an asset in the ability to disseminate information quickly, through the boards cited above, and a wide variety of competent posters giving falsehood no where to run no where to hide.

Starting around the late afternoon of 9/14/07 I notice a shift . The posters began to post that the real blame belongs with the adults not the yoots. Success I agree. A deal was agreed to where privacy of the yoots was part of the deal. The deal was broken by adults in authority and responsibility, and adults in the press exercising free speech and outraged fed up citizens exercising their right to bitch real loud.

Oh no did you hear! Felons in jail released to play sports we disagree they said in harsher tones.

When the whole story comes out their opinions may change.
Here is my point.
Why did not more of the whole story come out sooner.
Why did the press not do their home work on what Holmes is.
There are 50 criminal attorneys who would have explained it to them.

Why did they not know the yoots had YHTA status, or what that status has as its objectives.

Where is the Flint Journal article that explains this. I suspect we will see it in the next issue of the Uncommon sense

Why did the Prosecutor and Sheriff need to run on and on when faced with a photo op.

They as adults and responsible official actors were obligate to operate responsibly .

Failed they did ! An the Interim one pressured was she, resources with a law firm at her disposal, acted wrong rescinded right tripping back to wrong.

What a dance! If she be wrong she be real wrong a competence test to her bones.

But that is for others to determine. SO this develops several hundred of us have shared information high and low immediately molding public opinion on the spot.

We did not have to wait for the next TV 12 report or the next edition of the Flint Journal.

Good job community.

My post on YTA can be found here

The cable 17 Comcast show In My Opinion airing of Saturday at 6 pm and Wednesday at 8:30 was taped yesterday.

In one round table I went off a bit on this subject. I am mortal and was angry at Khans article in the 9/13/07 Flint Journal.

It may air on Sat. Let me know what you think. Saturday morning at 9 am on WFLT 1420

I will have as my guest Genesee County Commissioner Rose Bogardus talking about the county budget, and as usual I will add a little family law.

September 15 2007

By Terry Bankert

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