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Terry Bankert of “OCCUPY FLINT”11/7/11

Civil disobedience inevitable in the Occupy Movement?

In my opinion The Occupy Movement is a political protest against economic policies that have decimated the middle class in America and specifically their college educated children who have now no jobs to go to. An organizational principal is civil disobedience. These non violents acts of non compliance are well grounded in American history. This movement is not anti police but there is an inevitable confontation because of the positive role of the police to enforce our laws, to serve and protect. Acts of civil disobediance as a political protest will seed the field of change. What is Civil Disobedience.

“Civil disobedience is the active, professed refusal to obey certain laws, demands, and commands of a government, or of an occupying international power. Civil disobedience is commonly, though not always,[1][2] defined as being nonviolent resistance. It is one form of civil resistance. In one view (in India, known asahimsa or satyagraha) it could be said that it is compassion in the form of respectful disagreement.”

OCCUPY MOVEMENT CAN WIN WITH NON VIOLENCE- “Occupy Flint” with a base camp within a mile of Labors defining sit down strike is in a sympathetic community. Acts non violent with passive resistance , disobedience ,to orders is an American tradition.

“Any effort by a tiny minority to break the unity of action of our movement must be repelled. Anything short of strict nonviolence will play into the hands of the right-wingers in the police department, and into the hands of Wall Street.

There is nothing Wall Street and right-wingers at all levels of government would love more than to have today's public anger against them turn into its very opposite.”

Acts of civil disobedience draw attention to the cause and attract new members and resources. If the acts go badly the opposite will happen.

“When engaging in civil disobedience, let's employ non-violent tactics that will galvanize broad unity with the people of …[the]...nation.

Tactics that will win over even misguided working people and students influenced by Fox television and other media outlets at the service of Wall Street and the far right.”


Atlanta (CNN) -- Occupy protesters returned to the streets of Atlanta on Sunday night, a day after a police crackdown on a gathering organized by the movement resulted in the arrests of 19 people....Those arrested Saturday included two people who refused to leave Woodruff Park after the 11 p.m. closing time and 17 others charged with obstructing traffic after the crowd poured onto nearby streets, the Atlanta Police Department said

…..The group may change gears and use other ways to convere no people protesting, if banks start failing again because of Greece, they will come back to the government for a bailout. The government needs to know people are watching.".....New York has made 555 arrests in the Occupy Wall Street movement on charges ranging from minor vioy its message, including "occupying" banking facilities and homes facing foreclosure, according to Chidi.

….."The financial services industry is not being properly regulated or overseen," said the 38-year-old consultant. "We are cruising toward another 2008 meltdown."

And the protests will send a strong message, he said.

"We have not learned a lesson from the last catastrophe. If there alations to felonies, the district attorney's office said. New York City Police said last week they charged a 26-year-old Brooklyn man with sexual abuse for inappropriately touching an 18-year-old woman at Zuccotti Park, the home base for the protests. In Oakland, California, demonstrators and police clashed last week, prompting authorities to use tear gas on protesters who defied orders to disperse.

ATLANTA -Atlanta police said one protester draped in an American flag inside Woodruff Park was arrested after refusing to leave by a Sunday night curfew, and four other people on bicycles were arrested near the park - three for traffic violations and one for obstruction of a law enforcement officer.

HPD arresting Occupy Honolulu Protestors from sidewalk. Beretania Street

Nov 6, 2011 by Euronews At least 20 people have been arrested after scuffles broke out during an Occupy Wall Street protest in New York.


Police and Occupy DC protesters are offering conflicting accounts about a weekend incident in which a motorist struck three protesters near a downtown demonstration.



Police arrested roughly a half dozen protesters after organizers of the Occupy Honolulu movement attempted to establish an encampment at a local park.

Some 20 police officers arrived late Saturday at the city’s Thomas Square. Members of Occupy Honolulu had said earlier Saturday that they planned to begin camping at the park starting at its 10 p.m. closing time. About 40 protesters were gathered at the site when authorities began telling them to leave.

…..Honolulu organizers said they also stood “in solidarity” with the homeless who are being forced from the streets and parks as the city prepares this week to host the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation.


Portland Police Bureau chief Mike Reese has told members of Occupy Portland that concerns about their security in camp and on marches are warranted, but says protesters must work more closely with police......


The Occupy Wall Street movement has spurred demonstrators in Cincinnati to form their own political party.

Spokesman Tyrone Givens tells The Associated Press that he and other Cincinnati-based protesters traveled to New York’s Occupy site to pitch the idea. He says the party is vetting six potential candidates for local office from Ohio, New York and Kentucky.

Givens says the ultimate goal is to elect members of the “Occupation Party” to Congress.


Several hundred protesters marched through the financial district in Los Angeles to protest the banking industry as part of “Bank Transfer Day,” a grassroots movement that has been championed by the Occupy Wall Street protests.

…..The march ended with a teach-in by former labor secretary Robert Reich.

Meanwhile, a downtown Oakland branch of Wells Fargo bank closed its doors for the day Saturday as immigrant rights protesters crowded the entrance to condemn the bank’s ties to private companies that run immigrant detention centers.

More than 100 protesters marched a block from the Occupy Oakland encampment to the bank branch Saturday morning. A few protesters briefly tussled with bank security guards who stood in front of the locked entrance. Police were on the scene but made no arrests.



Dozens of anti-Wall Street protesters marched Saturday through downtown Indianapolis, chanting slogans and holding signs berating the nation’s big banks after a rally where they urged people to transfer their money to local banks and credit unions.

About 80 protesters marched from the Indiana Statehouse to Monument Circle, where they stopped outside two banks and loudly chanted “This is democracy in action!” before continuing.


Fifteen campers set up tents Saturday at the Old Ada County Courthouse lawn in downtown Boise with some planning to stay for as long as they can.

The Idaho Statesman reports that the protesters met with state officials earlier in the week and agreed to ground rules limiting the number of campers to 15 until more services are put in place.




About 200 protesters marched to Parliament on Guy Fawkes Day, the annual commemoration of the English revolutionary who tried to blow up the building in the 17th century.

Many of Saturday’s protesters in London were wearing a grinning, somewhat sinister mask of Guy Fawkes that has become an icon of the Occupy Movement around the world. The rally was largely peaceful, but the group was kept from getting close to Parliament by a heavy police presence.

…..Many of the demonstrators had marched from St. Paul’s Cathedral in London, where the Occupy movement has set up camp for weeks to protest social inequality and the excesses of the banking industry. Two protesters were arrested for suspected criminal damage and unlawful protest, police said.

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