Thursday, December 24, 2009


BY Terry Bankert

Mayor Walling is right, when he says, trees do not pay taxes.

Vacant abandoned homes do not pay taxes either.

Residents trapped between run down rental property, thanks to the Political Clout of the Genesee Landlords Association, and empty and sporadically maintained property thanks to the Land Bank are paying taxes at a rate higher than the fair market value of their property because of state law.

We are at a cross roads. Daniel Kildee as a public servant has assembled a significant block of property .

He has our thanks but now what is to happen to these properties.
What is the plan of Dan Kildee the private person working off a grant from the Mott foundation and in concert with his friend at the Genesee Regional Chamber of Commerce ?

What do they have in mind for our quality of life as driven by land use policy in part?

Now as Kildee abandons his post as country treasure and his statutory leadership of the land bank what is our communities vision?

What are our plans for the use of this land?

Why cannot the public directly and through our elected council and mayor discuss this at hearings?

Where is the public agenda ?

Where are these decisions really being made?

The only neighborhood agenda in Flint is being played out by the obscure policy actions of the Land Bank.


What is ironic as the country treasure position is being vacated County Clerk Carr and County Treasure Kildee say the position should be left vacant.

At the very moment that public leadership is needed there are interests that want our voices to not be heard through our appointed/elected leadership.

Soon three county political figures will fill the County Treasures position abandoned by Kildee.
Who is lobbying these three politicians?

What is the criteria to be used in this selection?

What deals are being cut?

These are logical questions we should all be asking.

Needed is transparency in the process for selecting the next county treasurer.

I hope the interview process is open to the public and media.

Is it?

Posted here by
Terry Bankert

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