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Posted by Terry Bankert 8/16/08


Who to trust, who to listen to?..No one and every one.

Listen to everyone but only trust your researched instincts.

Our world is changing. How can the natives of Flint MI USA prosper wherever they are? Listen to the howling winds of change, do your home work trust your instincts and go forth....Todays holwing wind is James Howard Kunstler cited below from which, for the purpose of motivation ,I will borrow from his pages 235-239.

My town Flint MI is a rusting industrial Giant crushed to its knees. Our major employer has knocked down plants while its stock is reduced to junk. No one seem to know what will become of my town.

I still live there dug in deep. What of its people." For the moment , they seem to get along scrounging a living off the fumes of the cheap-oil economy. They drive distances on well maintaines state and county roads to low paying wages elsewhere- running forklifts in the Target regional warhouse ....being cashiers at the Walmart...perhaps frying hamburgs..."[235]

As I look aroung my towns seeds of hope are here. Hard working people with vision on task. And what a task lays before us. I look at the homes and other buildings.

" I found myself calculating how each establishment along the road might function in the post-cheap-oil and gas world. As I did, I realized that practically non of this would work the way it has been working, if at all. Without cheap gas, how would any of the denizens of these houses ..[be able].. to drive .. to get a job or fetch groceries?" [236]

Alreadty it is too expensive for parents working two jobs to drive any significant distance just to work a couple of hours. Combine the cost of fuel for the car and the babysitter for children the profit of the day is lost. Still no money for food or to build a future for our children.

What do we do? We are no alone in our crushing dependence on oil. " What would the people in the suburban buzzard flats of Phoenix, Las Vegas, or Los Angeles do when the age of cheap oil and natural gas was over?

What will this world be like and what will happen to the people of the United States ?" [237]

Well the time of cheap oil is past and the "what will happen" is the "what is happening?"

We need alternative energy.

Soon a Swedish King is coming to Flint MI USA to promote a BIOFUEL ventuer with the powers to be, Universities Mayors Legislators, State and Federal, and a Governor.

The Flint Community must stand ready to help make this happen.

posted here by
Terry Bankert 8/18/08

SOURCE:James Howard Kunstler, The Long Emergency, Grove Press NY, 2005

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