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In Flint MI USA at 10 am Eastern a planning meeting to discuss social media and ideas for a social media educational project.


On site participitants are asked to arrive at 9:45 am .

The location is 1000 Beach St. Flint MI 48503.

Those physically attending and those digitlly attending are invited to participate using the tools of social media.

I will post as this meeting is conducted to Flint Talk . You are invited to join in
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During the meeting several lap tops will be up and running. Your digital comments will be integrated into the meeting.

You do not have to be present to participate and you can participate before or reasonably after the meeting. If this works the meeting will not end and a product of the meeting will not be finalized until after your comments are incorporated.

You are invited.

For those present there will be pizza at 11 am we will tell you who are not in attendance how good it was.

This is the opening statement I have prepared and I will referenced it at 10 am. But, this will be an informal meeting, a planning session and agenda setting.

10 am opening by Terry Bankert.

We are at an informational cross roads.

The communication industries are remodeling how they share information with us as we are changing our routines for collecting information. We all know that a significant number of people get most of their news on line.

As people share information with us social media occurs when we talk back to them online.

I you own a widget retail shop and use a widget web site where you post articles about your widgets to get search engines to bring widget seekers to you and these artices have a public comment section or your site has a chat room and complete strangers who may be your competition trash your widgets you are in social media. Welcome to the wild west of social media.

Social media occurs when we can talk back quickly and publicly with the digital sender of a message.

New people may responed to the widget article. They may be possibly trashing your widget, the people who posted or you personally.

Others may support your product. Some may make ;positive suggestions for change.

Is this sounding real uncomfortable?

You should engage directly in this process as a form of reputation management, transparency and accountability.

When its over you will learn of and from your clients. They will know more about your widgets, your company, and you. You might even sell some widgets.

You say how can I afford to do this with the reputational risk . I say you cannot afford not to . Become engaged in the social media process.

You want to be where your customers are, right. Well they are already there.

Traditionally we think of advertising of product, services, candidates and causes as a one way street. That is no longer true.

For example I will use newspapers, specifically The Flint Journal as an Example.

As a business owner, cause coordianator or political candidate you are on to somethjng you want to share.

For example.

Your store is selling a new widget.

Your store fixes widgets and has new technology to make it cheaper.

Your cause " Save the Widgets" has condcuted a study of the impact of widgets on the human species.

Your candidate or candidacy has a new platform " Stop widget production by over regulation and taxation"

How did we share this with the world.

paid advertising

send out letters and newspetters

press release

You would launch these vehicles and hope for the best. Not any more.

Today when the Flint Journal covers the story it is posted digitaly on MLIVE.

Sometimes because the Flint Journal does not publish every day this digital post can be up to a couple of days.

At the bottom of the story is a comment section.

Now if this is a story about your widget strangers could post comments possible negative ones.

The next reader will see the article and the posts.

These Post have now become part of the story.

Can you afford to ignore this if a large part of your target market will react to the story and comments together.

Later readers will see the story and comments and then respond to this new totality of the now evolving story about you widgets. Can you afford to ignore this?

Traditional media was one talking to the many. Social; media is the many talking to the many.

If you are concerned about your business ( product or service), cause or candidate my theory is you cannot affored to ignore social media.

Think of examples you know of the use of or the conversation about what is on social media.

Is there a need to educated about social media.

If no stop here and we will all go home.

If yes then should we the users conduct the education.

If no then who and lets go suggest it to them.

If yes then how should this be organized

What are your thoughts.
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Posted here by
Terry Bankert

The Social Media workshop planning committee met on Sat 01/23/2009. Seven people registered four attended. Several issues were decided.
1. A Host organization will be sought.
2.There will be a minimal registration fee to cover costs and to secure attendance. Donations will be sought. Any funds left over will be donated to charity.
3.The Educational vehicle will be a workshop on a Saturday.
4.The event shall take place in April.
5. The agenda will be an introduction, educational presentation of Basic techniques, lunch (sub sandwich) and afternoon with two break out programs 1. Business 2. Advocacy
6.Core Facilitating Committee Don Potter, Dave Broadworth, Terry Bankert ,Ed Hoort.

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