Sunday, February 14, 2010

Workshop on hold and business expansion.

My wife Lynn and I are expanding our law practice to State Wide Family Law and Eastern Michigan Bankruptcy.

My intent is to use all the tools of social media to assist in this project. Recently we formed a social media advocacy group and several of us met to plan a work shop.

My conclusion is that I am not ready to lead a workshop my learning curve is too steep, maybe next year.

What would make sense is creation of a user group possibly a facebook group .

I plan to self educate on a high use of Social Media appling it immediately to my business the practice of Family and Bankruptcy Law and my hobby of local public policy advocacy.

We are still committed to Flint with a significant reinvestment in our near downtown home, and keeping our office in downtown Flint.

I am intent on increasing the level of civility and knowledge I bring to public policy discussions. Thank you to all who have followed my internet musings, most I am proud of some I am not.

I am not going away just a slight mission adjustment. For those of you who do not post your thoughts, come on in the waters fine!

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