Friday, October 31, 2008

Bush Recession..his legacy......

BY Terry Bankert 10/31/08

2008 will go down in history as the George Bush recession.

This year has healded the fall of the National Republican Party and the repudiation of “Conservativism”.

The 2008 general election will select a president and will be the turning point where voters reject this out dated doctine as a viable paridigm of rational public policy analysis.

"The decline in our GDP didn't happen by accident," Sen. Obama said Thursday. "It is a direct result of the Bush administration's trickle-down, Wall Street-first, Main Street-last policies that John McCain has embraced for the last eight years and plans to continue for the next four."

Consumers are uncertain and are spending less, and spending first on essentials. Our country is at The front door of what may be a sever and long lasting recession.

Our only hope is for leadership change and a return of consumer confidence, and a reinvesting in America.

OBAMA SAYS of The policies of President George W. Bush, which had landed the economy in trouble. "George Bush has dug a deep hole for us and he wants to hand the shovel to John McCain,"

The economy suffered its biggest decline since 2001 in the third quarter, ushering in what may be the worst recession in a quarter century.

The Republicans are doomed. In the latest Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll, 54% of registered voters ranked the economy as their No. 1 concern, outweighing any other issue by three times or more.

Among those surveyed, 49% said the Democratic presidential hopeful, Sen. Barack Obama, would be better at improving the economy, compared with 28% for Sen. McCain. The voters will speak loud and clear next week.

In Flint our car wash’s are empty. It’s coneys time at Tom Z’s instead of Miller Rd. Dinning. The shopping center parking lots empty as the Dollars Stores fill up. The impact of the Bush recession is clear when you drive around town.

Our car and light truck sales are the lowest since 1993.

The news this morning was not reassuring.

“Industry figures showed cars and light trucks sold at a 12.5 million annual pace in September, the fewest since 1993. October sales may drop to an 11 million pace, according to a Deutsche Bank AG estimate.”

“The figures indicate that the steep downturn -- which may be labeled a recession later on by the group of economists that makes such calls -- probably began well before September, when carnage at financial firms spurred a freeze in lending. In coming months, as tighter borrowing terms and higher rates work through the system, employers are expected to slash jobs and consumers are likely to pare spending even more.”


``These are truly unimaginable times for our industry,'' Robert Nardelli, chief executive officer of Chrysler LLC, said in a statement last week. The third-largest U.S. automaker will cut 25 percent of salaried workers and reduce production.”

“Incomes after taxes and adjusted for inflation dropped at the fastest pace since comparable record began in 1947, today's GDP report also showed. The 8.7 percent decrease followed an 11.9 percent jump in the previous three months and reflected the influence of the tax rebate payments from the government's economic stimulus plan.”

What can we do?

Change the leadership in this country from President to Michigan Supreme Court to State and local officals.

Vote for the Democrats or those they endorse only.

Sweep out the conservative ideology that has economically destroyed our country. Its time for a change. P

osted here by Terry Bankert




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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Changes in Child Support

Changes in Child Support in Michigan. 10/26/08

My name is Terry Bankert , I have purchased the Genesee County franchise through "DumpMySpouse.". This is alternative advertising.

I hold marraige and unions for the sake of the children to be quite important. But when you make that decision to end your relationship my law firm is available to help you.

In Flint and Genesee County Michigan USA.I am a Flint Divorce Lawyer.Please allow me to share some thoughts as a Flint Divorce Attorney on the changes in the 2008 Michigan Child Support formula and its calculations.

I have been a practicing Flint Divorce Attorney since 1994.We have some changes in child support that may affect you directly. A year ago changes in the child support laws were enacted that went into effect 10/01/2008. Some of the old child support elements have been eliminated others have been changed.

Divorce Law is hard enough to understand when you are in the middle of the emotional breakup of your family.

Getting your head around issues such as child support may be too much with out help. What sets apart my law firm is that we take the time to educate you so that you now your rights and how decisions and calculation of support are made.

For instance; income determinations have been changed, exemptions have become determinations, step children and children in your home when you pay child support elsewhere are given economic credit for the sacrifices you are making.

Child care has a date certain that it will end and you get economic credit for any overnight parenting that you have with your child.There is economic justice for the non custodial parent in the amended law.

There are many Flint Attorney or Flint Family Law attorneys that can help you.

What separates my law firm is that this is our specialization, we are available and will spend the time necessary so that you understand your options.

One of the most important parts of the new law for Flint Families in divorce and confronting the issues of child support and child custody /parenting time if that there is no longer a sharp drop in the paying parents child support between 127 and 128 annual overnight.

It is now an even balances series of reductions based upon these overnight.

Under the old version of the law one additional overnight could reduce child support by 30%.
Call my office for an appointment to discuss how the new changes affect you.There will be no charge for the initial consultation when you mention you saw this article on line.

Terry Bankert
also advertised on
just google my name or the above.

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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Interview with Judge Hathaway

Flint Divorce Attorneys will tell you the most important vote you cast In Flint on November 4 , after your vote for Obama, is to defeat Cliff Taylor and put Judge Diane Hathaway on the Michigan Supreme Court.

Good Morning Flint! /10/25/08 posted first at

Flint Divorce Lawyers who fight for child custody , grandparents rights, and child support want a new vision on the supreme court.

Flint Attorney Terry Bankert will tell you Taylor has ruled against your middle-class families and in favor of big insurance companies and corporate special interests over 80% of the time. See the Michigan Lawyers Weekly.

Flint Famly Law Lawyers are appaled that Cliff Taylor continues to rule in favor of the big insurance companies and big money corporate special interests that have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to fund his political ads. [Source, National Institute on Money in State Politics]

In these times you are lucky in Flint Michigan to make minimum wage and yet Taylor at a salary of $165,000 a year is one of the highest paid judges in the nation.

He was has been called the worst judge on the Supreme Court, some say he works only part time, and in a case involving a fire that killed six children Taylor fell asleep several times during the hearing.

In addition, two of Taylor’s fellow Supreme Court Justices have called for an investigation of Taylor for misconduct and abuse of power.

Michigan deserves better! Judge Diane Marie Hathaway is running against Clifford Taylor in the November 4th election.

I interviewed her on 10/25/08 on my radio show "Know the Law "WFLT 1420 AM every Saturday at 9 AM.

In the interview I learned: Judge Hathaway has proven she is fair, tough and impartial.

As a prosecutor Diane Hathaway took on drug dealers and put hardened criminals in jail to keep our communities safe. She’s prosecuted drunk drivers, sex predators and scam artists who prey on our families.

As a Judge she’s been fair and impartial, always putting the law above special interests and those who would endanger our families.

Her opponent Cliff Taylor
Ruled for special interests over 80% of the time Changed the law to protect drunk drivers Changed the law to protect sexual predators
Upheld Michigan's "drug industry immunity"
Accused by fellow Justices of ethical violations

Judge Diane Marie Hathaway
Fair and impartial Ruled to hold drunk drivers accountable
Ruled to hold sexual predators accountable
Believes drug makers should be accountable
Record of high ethical standards

To help Hathaway to the Supreme Court Remember: Your ‘straight party’ vote is not enough. You have to do more! Make sure you "vote all the way" down to the non-partisan part of the ballot where judicial elections are located!

She also asked everybody to- Vote all the way – Vote Hathaway!

Posted here by Tery Bankert

or Google: findlaw

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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Debate!

By; Terry Bankert
The political dam is about to break. There will be a flood of voters to the Democratic Party and its presumptive President Barrack Obama! Immediately after tonites debate the undecided will leave that status as their minds snap shut in support of Obama. Tonites contrast will be all that is wrong with Washington contrasted with all that is right with America. McCain vs Obama. The Republican big moneyed or evangelical homesteads will flood with no bail out in sight, no October surprise, no Palinific retort can save McCain or his base. McCain is now the man and republicans the political party that .....nobody can trust. ..... Trust!..... Heck gosh darn we here on the mainland just do not understand these complicated issues, bail out, 2 wars, job loss, gas more precious than Jim Beam. What we do know is how to look another human being in the eye listen to what they say and make an instinctive decision on whether we can trust the speaker. Trust. We do not trust John McCain with our future. Barrack Obama we trust. So fellow democrats and our new friends the no longer undecided, sit back and watch the debate tonite, That noise you will hear and feel is the rumble of deciding voters and the collapse of a once major political party. It will be the greatest show on Earth. I’ll bring the popcorn.
Terry Bankert

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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Temporary Restraining

What is a temporary restraining order from a Flint County Family Court?
Requirements for a Flint Divorce Attorney seeking and the court granting a temporary restraining order (TRO): Flint Fathers Rights , Childrens Rights and Flint Mothers Rights equally apply.
It clearly appears from specific facts, as Prepared by a Flint Divorce Lawyer, shown in an affidavit or a verified pleading that immediate and irreparable injury, loss, or damage will result to the applicant from the delay required to effect notice, or that notice itself will precipitate adverse action before an order can be entered.
The applicant’s Flint Attorney certifies in writing any efforts to give notice and why notice should not be required.
A permanent record , By A Flint Family Court Judge, is made of non written evidence, arguments, or representations supporting the application. A record is what is done in front of a Flint Family Court Judge after the case is called. The record is produced by ordering transcripts.
The order, prepared by your Flint Divorce attorney, must be (1) endorsed with the date and time it is issued, (2) describe the injury and why it is irreparable, and (3) state why the order was granted without notice.
Domestic relations TROs (unlike others) need not expire within a fixed period, and the court need not set a date for further hearing.
Motions for Temporary Orders as prepared by your Flint Divorce Lawyer outline follows;

A Flint Lawyer will prepare your Motions for temporary orders . Flint attorney pleadings typically concern Flint child custody and Flint support, Flint parenting time adjustments, marital restraints on distributing property, residence in the marital home, sometimes called exclusive use of the marital home, and requests for Flint attorney fees.
A Flint Lawyer’ s motion for a temporary order differs from an ex parte order in that it may not be granted without a hearing, unless the parties agree otherwise. MCR 3.207©)(2).
The motion may be made , by your Flint Legal Counsel, at any time during the pendency of a case by filing a verified motion setting forth facts sufficient to support the relief requested. MCR 3.207©)(1).
Other provisions regarding the Flint Divorce temporary order include the following:
The Flint Divorce order may be modified at any time, following a hearing and on a showing of good cause.
The Flint Divorce order must state its effective date and whether it may be modified retroactively by a subsequent order.
The Flint Divorce order remains in effect until modified or until entry of the final judgment or order.
The Flint Divorce Temporary order vacated by entry of the final judgment or order, unless specifically continued or preserved. An exception is support arrearage that have been assigned to the state.
MCR 3.207©)(3)–(6).
Your Flint Judge may not grant exclusive use of the marital home to one party in the absence of evidence of abusive conduct, a risk of physical harm, or conduct detrimental psychologically or emotionally to the children. That the petitioner is "uncomfortable" with the living arrangement probably does not justify depriving the other party of a residence.
At any time, a Flint Divorce party may request that the court order the other party to pay all or part of the attorney fees and expenses related to the action or a specific proceeding, including a Flint post judgment proceeding. The motion must allege facts sufficient to show that the petitioner is unable to bear the expense and that the other party is able to pay. Alternatively, the motion must allege facts sufficient to show that the fees and expenses were incurred because the other party was able to comply with a previous court order but refused. MCR 3.206©).
Posted here by
Terry Bankert

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Monday, October 13, 2008

No Fault Divorce

What is a no-fault divorce?

In Genesee County Flint Mi USA -A no-fault divorce is one in which neither spouse (husband or wife) blames the other in court documents for the breakdown of the marriage.

You should consult an attorney / lawyer for your divorce. To find an attorney contact dumpmyspouse , or attorneybankert ( Terry Bankert). Just google these names.

Your Flint Attorney will tell you no accusations or need to prove "guilt" or cause of the breakdown are required in a Flint Divorce.

Your Flint Lawyer will tell you A common basis for a no-fault divorce is "irreconcilable differences" or "irretrievable marriage breakdown."In a simple divorce or a contested one ,As those terms imply, the marriage is considered to be over, but the court and the legal documents do not try to assign blame.

You may have a legal separation or an informal one.Your Flint Divorce Attorney will advise: Another common basis for no-fault divorce is the parties living separately for a certain period of time, such as for six months or a year, with the intent that the separation be permanent.

Fault can be used to decide who gets what property.

By Terry Bankert

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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Flint parents in divorce, there is hope.

Just think about all the time you spend meeting, courting, getting to know your spouse.

The investment of time and energy in meeting family and friends. The emotional investment in planning and performing the marriage. The dreams of stability and family.

We expect marriage to be permanent. Divorce changes everything our relationships with children , family and friends. Divorcing or saying to your self you want to Dump My Souse (dumpmyspouse) is the beginning of a new path in your life.

ENDING A MARRIAGEDivorce may bet the only option.

But unless it is simply and uncontested this ending of romance and partnership will emotionally impact both spouses.Divorce is the process of getting into court to end a partnership. Divorcing is an emotional process of healing and building your self up emotionally.

WHO IS TERRY BANKERT?Our marking though these key words and concepts allows us to bring a message to you.Terry Bankert is a Flint Divorce Lawyer attorney. His practice issues involve Child custody, child support, fathers and mothers parenting times. The parents should attempt to cooperate. He is described as a Flint attorney, Genesee County lawyer, Clio attorney, Burton lawyer, Davidson attorney, Flushing lawyer, military divorce attorney, Flint lawyer, Michigan attorney, Flint alimony, Flint fathers rights, Flint mothers rights.

Often the emotions of the parents takes the emotional hurt to the children. Please do all you can to keep your hurt from the children. Bankert also represents parents in several other issue areas. They are; Flint grandparents rights, Flint paternity attorney ,Flint Child visitation Lawyer, Bankert is a Flint spousal support attorney , one of the Flint lawyers, or Flint attorneys, he handles Flint guardianship,he prectices exclusively in Flint family court.Often people in divorce only look at their own emotions.

We should also consider , Flint childrens rights, and Flint parents rights.There are ways to settle your issues privately through Flint mediation and Flint collaborative law. Once an order is entered you may need help getting what is yours. You can ask for Flint child support collection, Flint divorce judgement enforcement, and Flint judgement changes. Some divorces have few issues not resolved by the parties. You may have a Flint uncontested divorce , and you may agree on Flint child support payment.

Call and ask about Flint simple divorce, at our Flint Law Firm, law.

Bankert practices Law in the court rooms of Judge Duncan Beagle, Judge Michael Theile, Judge David Newblatt, Judge John Gadola, Judge Robert E. Weiss. Terry Bankert can be found by googling his name terrybankert or , attorneybankert , Bankert can also be found at the internet sites, findlaw, lawyers com, dumpmyspouse, terrybankert blogspot.

The Emotional Process of DivorceMany feel a predictable range of emotions through the divorce process. These emotions range from denial, rage, futility, rebuilding, hope and building for the future.You attorney will tell you the process stages of divorce. But what are the emotional stages? Know you are not alone. 50% of the population divorces.

It may help for you to know the emotional stages of divorce and how most people emotionally react. What then are the emotional steps of divorce?


1.facing the reality of the divorce

2.working through painful feelings

3.experiencing the full range of emotions associated with the breakdown of a marriage

4.coping with the situational and lifestyle changes resulting from loss

5.adapting to the change, and reconfiguring life

A."Shock and Disbelief" begins as soon as the idea of a separation and divorce is introduced and sinks in. It involves four major tasks and issues to be worked through.
Facing realitySelf esteem and inadequacy
Telling the worldSupport and help

B. "Initial Adjustment" involves the ability of people to actively adapt to this new phase of their lives. The primary goal of this stage is adaptation and mustering the personal resources needed to manage the many emotional and practical changes faced by people during this phase of their divorce work, and tasks include:Functioning and responsibilityPractical realityLegal MattersManaging emotions

C. "Active Re-organization" centers around how people live their lives and cope with the tasks of being suddenly single. Major tasks to be dealt with and worked through include:Managing life style and practical affairsRe-defining relationshipsReconstructing personal values and beliefsConcluding legal procedures

D. "Life Re-formation" represents the final steps as readers pass through to the "other" side of their divorce. During this stage people deal with the emotional issues and life choices involved as they move on with their lives.Constructing relationshipsNew interestsPersonal responsibilityAccepting your new life


" Shock and disbelief typically passes the most quickly. It's the quick hit, and sometimes numbing shock wave, as people realize their marriage is over. Follow your heart, create a support group but be concerned about your children.

Your "Initial Adjustment" and " Active Re-organization" are the most active times for you this includes the legal divorce process active legal, practical, and emotional changes in your life.

The final process " life Re - formation" stage represents that time in life during which husband and wife are moving far away from their divorce, and into their new life.

This time has no formal "end," and is marked by the full acceptance of the divorce and a resolution of most of the practical issues and many of the emotional.You are not in this alone.SourceRich,Phil Ed.D., MSW

Womans Divorce

Healing from Divorce

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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Ribbon Cutting Downtown

Good Morning Flint late edition 10/07/08

Talk is cheap, one thing the real leaders are doing in Flint is rebuilding the City one Building at a time. A new one had a ribbon cutting today.

Most of the real leaders of Flint were there. 57 yrs and 15 years in the private sector have changed me. As a city we do not have any thing unless we are rebuilding.

Pictures follow, try the slide show.

William White the guy with the cheap gym shoes , will make an announcement later in the week on the rest of the story.... Thank you Wade Trim, Genysis Regional Chamber of Commerce, Uptown Re Investment Corp.,Rowe Professional Services, Tim Herman, Mayor Williamson , City Clerk Inez Brown, William White, Mott Foundation, WNEM Channel 5, Community Foundation, UpTown Redevelopment, Flint Rotary Club, Ruth Mott Foundation, and any body else involved. Is Health Plus coming downtown next?



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Saturday, October 4, 2008


What the hades just happened?
* * * * *
Good Morning Flint! 10/04/08
By Terry Bankert
contact through:
* * * * *
What happened to us yesterday? Bailout, who got bailed out? The foreclosure signs are still on the windows, gas around $3.50 a gallon, middle class kids cannot afford college?-trb
The middle class did not get bailed out, the moneyed class just had their economic lives "extended" when the free market doctine they have crammed down our throats shopuld have taken them out. Any bill George W. Bush rushed to sign cannot help me, you or your kids.-trb
The money republicans changed theory game plan and caught the democrats, protectors of the middle class, off guard, ill prepared, flat footed, afraid of their shadows, heads in the sand.-trb
Here is what they did: Move the vote first to the Senate, that musty stateroom of elitism.Included other measure/the new pork called extenders.And increasd the FDIC limits. Rich people have more money. Got to protect them jujst incase this new "plan" does not work. We all get to cover their losses again.-trb
I hope there is a CSI episode with a forensic accounting analyisi of what the hades just happened to your economic future!-trb
You will never guess, but the bailout helps the companies by reducing funding for programs to hellp the common person. For instance " the bill lists dozens of tax breaks for companies and industries large and small -trb
Sec. 503. Exemption from excise tax for certain wooden arrows designed for use by children
Sec. 317. Seven-year cost recovery period for motorsports racing track facility
Sec. 308. Increase in limit on cover over of rum excise tax to Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands
Sec. 301. Extension and modification of research credit
Sec. 504. Income averaging for amounts received in connection with the Exxon Valdez litigation
Sec. 601. Secure rural schools and community self-determination program.
Sec. 201. Deduction for state and local sales taxes
Sec 502. Provisions related to film and television productions
Sec. 325. Extension and modification of duty suspension on wool products; wool research fund; wool duty refunds
Sec. 309. Extension of economic development credit for American Samoa
Other Examples:
Here are some other interesting provisions
Sec. 201. Inclusion of cellulosic biofuel in bonus depreciation for biomass ethanol plant property

Sec. 211. Transportation fringe benefit to bicycle commuters
Sec. 323. Enhanced charitable deductions for contributions of food inventory
Sec. 324. Extension of enhanced charitable deduction for contributions of bookinventorySec. 602. Transfer to abandoned mine reclamation fund

By Terry Bankert
contact through:

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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Obama endorsed by Internet

Blogospheric Party-endorses Barrack Obama for President of the United States


Early this morning I thought I had coined a new term to describe political activity on the internet. Previously I had asked if the internet were a political party how would it act. Answer exactly how it is acting today. So I thought, here is my 15 seconds of fame. It is the internet you do not get 15 minuets. I'll coin a new phrase" Blogo Spheric Party" Alas its already out there. So I’ll do the next best thing after creation I’ll co-opt it.

A POPULIST REVOLT Internet policy advocacy, fund-raising , voter turnout and traditional political action are now the norm on the internet. The blogosphere is the citizens media, the blogospheric party, as a pluralistic decentralized mode of policy advocacy is now acting like the planets new political party.

This party levels the playing field and extends political impact individually beyond mainstream politicians, pressure groups, pundits and media.

The paradigm of pluralism is fundamental in the blogoshere. It cannot be co-ordinated or controlled only guided issue by issue through the strongest voices which constantly change.

Do not attempt to control that which cannot be controlled. Social Darwinism is in play. Blogers out number the population of many small countries. If we post with tenacity, regularity and relevancy creating a following and placement bloggers will sweep aside the artifacts of political organization the U.S. the Republican and Democratic party. Or at the least assimilated them issue by issue with shifting alliances.

A "coney island waitress" can assemble a blog roll of the intellectual elite to her web, what power. Mom was a waitress. Whats different, the powers that be take their clue from the blogosphere, not us from them. Blogospheric discussion breaks the monopoly of traditional electronic and print media.

The blogosphere allows isolated like minds to band together issue by issue.

Blogers are the aggregators of intelligence and influence.

Someday will we crystalize as the blogospheric party!

Why not to day? Lets create a political upheaval So with the above in mind I was compelled to create the Google Blog site linked to the email and I bought the domain name.

The has officially been given birth at 5:25 am on 10-01-08.

What do we do now? Heck.....lets endorse a presidential candidate.


The Blogospheric Party officially declares its endorsement of Barrack Obama for President of the United States of America.(BD1)

Yes this is tongue in cheek ( ala Colbert and Dailey). If the Blogosphere ever unifies under real leadership this type of pronouncement could re shape the world. Un-centralized is the best and only way and look around , its happening now. Great fun and it only costs $15.

Terry Bankert,
contact thru- 10/01/2008 -sources-

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