Wednesday, August 18, 2010

It's Public Saftey First...Stupid!

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Serial slashing, Serial Arsons,Serial acts of political leadership incompetence! ! If James Carville were to comment on the needs of Flint I suggest he Would say "Its public saftey first...Stupid."

If  I were king the treasury would be emptied for Police and Fire...we are running out of time! We need a community conversation, not to be told. We need  leather on the street not press conferences, sounds bites, or credit taking. We need a call to action, now! Just what is the plan? If there is not one you must raise your voice. I've raised mine, all in.

The trade off the community must demand when it provides a police force with our last resources and sends a message to take the gloves off is to demand the internal committment to professionalisn, to include training on use of force and inc...reasing public trust by how the non criminals are treated . Internal mechanisms must be strengthened to monitior use of force and sanction its misuse... Let me be clear as a liberal and former Flint Ombudsman I advocate increasing the PFD to 4 per thousand population, send a clear message to the deparment to take the gloves off and protect the innocent by aggressive internal monitoring of use of force and aggressive action against known criminal elements in this community. Time is running out.

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