Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Flint bankruptcy and public benefits

Posted by Flint Bankruptcy Attorney Terry Bankert, 235-1970.

Flint Area Public agencies that are seeking to collect overpayments from Flint Bankruptcy debtors such as SSI,Medicaid, or other welfare benefits [good luck with that one under Snyder] cannot do so by lowering or ending you benefits while your Bankruptcy is pending. Becomeing ineligible for other reasons  a Flint Bankruptcy does not  prevent this type of denial.

When you are in a Flint Bankruptcy Government  may not , deny,revoke, suspend, or refuse to renew a license, permit, charter, franchise, or other similar grant on the basis of your Fliny Bankruptcy. Specifically they cannot.
-denyu or terminate public benefits
-deny or evict you from public housing
-deny or refuse to reinstate your state liquor license
-deny you a drivers license
any many other rights. Contact Flint Bankruptcy Lawyer Terry Bankert 235-1970 if you have questions.

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