Thursday, April 22, 2010


It is a new day in American politics. As a body politic we now see the folly of lite weight political leaders , like George Bush, brought forth by the strength of a family name, nepotism, political dynasty, family machine politics, linage, blood line , having capital be it money or political debts and active participants in the politics of exclusion.

Enough is Enough.

We have with us a new group of political leaders that are technically competent, have the ability to get a job done, understand the politics of inclusion ,specifically President Obama nationally and State Representative Lee Gonzales Locally.

State Representative Lee Gonzales, now a candidate for the position of Genesee County Treasurer, recently has shown he is a “can do” elected official. He recently caused to be passed State Legislation regulating smoking in public places and texting while driving.

Lee Gonzales is currently in the race of his life for the position of County Treasurer against one such political dynasty, the Cherry Family of Montrose. He is in effect running against two opponents Deb Cherry a well liked State Senator and her revered brother Michigan Lt. Governor John Cherry.

This is not a critique of the Cherry family. If my sister were running for office I would be out there bloodying some noses. My voice today is raised to the voters. Think through your choices, weigh heavily your value for change. Democrats can elect the most competent. Democrats can make independent decisions. We listen to voices we trust but we can make our own decision.

We must demand a return to basics in American politics. Ask yourself these questions. What are the demands of the office sought. In the case of the Country Treasure to understand and be able to run the office, save the tax payers money, be a leader in all of the other statutorily imposed responsibilities like the Land Bank and be transparent and accountable to the you the citizens of Genesee County. Lee Gonzales is ready and able to shoulder these responsibilities now. The likeable State Senator Deb Cherry would have to throw herself into a year of on the job training to be ready, even with her brothers help.

This dye is cast for me. Read the literature, listen to the candidates. On election day ask your self which individual can protect your tax dollars today. The answer to the question should be your vote for Genesee County Treasurer. For me the choice is Lee Gonzales for Genesee County Treasurer.

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Terry Bankert
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