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Senator Barack Obama, with the Democratic stage to himself for the first time, began a two-week assault Monday in a series of battleground states on Senator John McCain's economic policies.[h]
GOOD MORNING FLINT! BY Terry Bankert 6/10/08
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*** REFLECTIONS:Its time for all good democrats to come to the aid of their candidate! An action you can take if in Genesee County MI.Tuesday, June 10, Progressive Democratic Caucus will have their monthly meeting at 6:30 PM at the Asbury United Methodist Church, 1653 Davison Rd, Flint. Questions can be directed to Maryion Lee, Chair at 810-659-3772, 810-730-4397, shermarfam@aol.com, or progressivegendems.com

ALL EYES ON NOVEMBER In a speech here, Obama lashed out at McCain, the presumptive Republican nominee for president, for what the Illinois senator characterized as a dangerous ignorance of economic matters. He said electing him would mean four more years of what he called the failed economic programs of George W. Bush.[h]

BUILDING BRIDGES Barack Obama has promised to transform America by building bridges between opposing factions both at home and abroad. Here's his first test: winning over the angry and alienated supporters of his former opponent, Hillary Clinton. [m]

THERE ARE ISSUES GREATER THAN HILLARY Democrat Barack Obama on Monday seized on heightened concerns about the economy, tying John McCain to the Bush administration's recent record of soaring gasoline prices and slumping employment.[AP]

UNITE THE CLINTON ISLAND WITH THE REST OF THE PARTY Clinton's gracious and wholehearted endorsement Saturday places the burden on Obama to make the most of her support. If he hopes to bring America together as president, he must first unite his party.[m] WELL SAID Like thousands, maybe millions, of voters across the nation, I was disappointed and saddened to hear Sen. Hillary Clinton's farewell speech ("Clinton exits, endorses Obama," June .Her 17 months of long and hard days campaigning was ruined by the news media and Democratic Party leaders in the homestretch.Mrs. Clinton, at this time, may not become the first female president of the United States.But she has definitely conducted herself as a lady, first and always. [B]

SOME SAY SHE IS NOT NEEDED With all due respect to Hillary Clinton's supporters and The Tribune editorial board, Barack Obama's first priority is to bring a winning ticket to the White House ("Obama's choice: The winning icon should ask Clinton to run with him," Our View, June 4). While Clinton is a bright, capable person, I'm not sure the Obama train has enough steam to haul all that Clinton baggage through to November. He cannot afford to have the famous Clinton egos (including Bill's) detract from his dynamic visage, as did his goofy former pastor.[b]

WILL WOMEN SHUN “BO” Are women a big problem for Obama? Maybe not. At least one poll shows rapid recent movement to Obama overall among Democrats, including women.[u] Pollster Scott Rasmussen says that as of today, based on 3,000 automated telephone surveys over the past three nights, Obama gets support from 52% of the women in his national tracking poll compared with 40% for presumptive Republican nominee John McCain. He says that's better than Democrat John Kerry did with women against President Bush in 2004.[u]

GIVE THE LADY RESPECT BUT WE HAVE A GENERAL ELECTION TO RUN Launching a two-week economics tour in a state the GOP usually considers safe, Obama warned that McCain's policies on taxes, spending and energy would continue the nation's slump, which some fear is already a recession. He called for new taxes on oil companies and wealthy individuals, along with $1,000 tax cuts for most working families.[AP]

ITS IS NOT WHAT HE SHOULD DO FOR HER, ITS WHAT SHE CAN DO FOR THIS COUNTRY What does Obama need from Clinton? Fundraising? Consolidation of the Democratic base? If he can't do that otherwise, he is in trouble, and she certainly won't help him win over the centrist voter, without whom he cannot win in November. On the other hand, a Clinton on the ticket will certainly mobilize the extreme right wing, many who currently feel lukewarm about their party's nominee. Rather than serving to undermine a promising campaign, Hillary Clinton's talents can be put to better use in an Obama cabinet. [B]

WILL RODGERS DID NOT LIVE IN THE ERA OF CELL GROUPS, INTERNET AND CELL PHONES Which brings to mind the old Will Rogers line: "I am not a member of any organized party. I'm a Democrat." [m]

NATIONAL POLITICAL ELECTIONS ARE EMOTIONAL Clinton made a good case for her supporters to rally around Obama. But for many of them, the race transcended issues and tapped deeply into emotions. [m]

A CANYON OR A CREEK? Many women are bitter, believing she was treated unfairly. Many white, working-class voters believe she alone spoke to their interests and values, even though the two candidates are very close on most issues.[m]

ONE HAS TO PICK THEIR OWN PATH One supporter told a reporter Saturday: "I would die and slit my wrist before I'd vote for Obama." With that level of passion in play, Obama can't just assume Democrats will prefer him to John McCain. [m]

SHE IS A GRAIN OF SAND ON THE BEACH OF LIFE He needs to involve Clinton directly in his campaign, but he also has to personally reach out to her supporters. He has credentials as a fighter for working Americans and the poor. It's a story he can do a better job of telling. [m]

ONE PLANK AT A TIME WE WILL BUILD THIS BRIDGE, TO AND BEYOND HER.... Obama is the only candidate left who opposes the Iraq war, finds the Bush tax cuts irresponsible and, notably for women, supports the right to abortion. That's the foundation for a bridge Clinton supporters should want to cross.[m] The issues will be health care, the economy, Iraq and high oil prices. Both teams will also dig deep into each other's voting record in the senator for any material that could be damaging.Most polls show McCain and Obama are neck and neck. However, voters may switch sides as election day draws near.[a]

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