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" I have one question for political leaders, when will you find the courage to stand up to the gun lobby?"[1]


Children are dying in the streets and in the school because we drank the Kool Aide of the gun industry. The " Responsible Gun Owners " ,when the NRA is neutered ,will lead the way to responsible gun reform.[trb]

"I have one question for political leaders, when will you find the courage to stand up to the gun lobby? Whose child has to die next?" [1]

By Terry R. Bankert [trb] ,, Flint Divorce & Bankruptcy 810-235-1970

...Vice President Biden is scheduled to meet Wednesday with victims groups and gun-safety organizations....The meeting is to be part of a series of gatherings Biden is conducting this week at the White House aimed at building a consensus around proposals to curb gun violence following the horrific elementary school shooting in Newtown, Conn.[1]

It appears that the Republicans have been very effective in giving human qualities to inanimate objects. Corporations are labeled as people and given the right to contribute to political campaigns and manipulate national politics. We should follow this lead and assign legal human like responsibilities to an inanimate object that kills indiscriminately women,children,the elderly and the rest of us. Guns are killers. Guns must be removed from our common areas. Guns protectors like the NRA and other Gun coddlers are nothing more than co-conspirators to murder. Enough is enough. Bear all your arms in your home or in other highly regulated ways.Guns should be treated like any other serial killer. Guns do kill.[trb]

President Obama has indicated that he wants Congress to reestablish the ban on assault weapons, which expired in 2004, and limit the size of magazines and expand background checks, including closing the gun show loophole, which allows unlicensed sellers to sidestep checks.The task force is also expected to look at broader efforts that might include a national database and proposals that can be implemented without congressional approval.[1]

Biden has also been conferring with New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who is a vocal advocate for gun regulation. His group, Mayors Against Illegal Guns, launched a TV ad Tuesday to pressure lawmakers to "stand up to the gun lobby."[1]

Giffords — came as the former congresswoman and her husband announced that they are forming a political action committee aimed at curbing gun violence. [2]

Giffords and Mark Kelly, a former astronaut, wrote in an op-ed published in USA Today that their Americans for Responsible Solutions initiative will raise money to support greater gun control efforts and take on the powerful gun lobby. [2]

“Achieving reforms to reduce gun violence and prevent mass shootings will mean matching gun lobbyists in their reach and resources,” the couple wrote, and they will “raise funds necessary to balance the influence of the gun lobby.”[2]

I predict at the end of the day after the positioning of responsible gun owners and those of us tired of being slaughtered law enforcement will be given more tools and non responsible gun possessors will face new sanctions. [trb]

One of the issues sure to come up in the Biden group's discussions is the role of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.[3]

The ATF is the primary enforcer of the nation's gun laws, but advocates and former ATF officials say the agency has been underfunded, understaffed and handcuffed in its abilities to go after gun crimes.[3]

I suggest enforcement will be allowed to profile vehicles to search for weapons and seize same. No open carry in a vehicle.[trb]

2. Illegally transport a weapon and the weapon is forfeited owner driver or passenge[trb]r.

3. Give police authority to search your home for ammunition and any weapon in it if an illegally transported gun is seized from a vehicle you are in or you own the vehicle.[trb]

4.Tax ammunition. If a bullet cost $5,000.00 gun violence would go down.(name the stand up comedian)[trb]

5.Make Flnt a very expensive city to transport a weapon illegally.[trb]

6. Politically take on the NRA. [trb]

Standing up to the gun lobby is seen by gun control advocates to mean not only banning assault-style weapons and high-capacity magazines, but restoring some teeth to the ATF.[3]

When gun safety advocates refer to the gun lobby, there are numerous organizations that promote less gun regulation, but the most powerful is the National Rifle Association, which has spent nearly $10 million since President Obama's inauguration on lobbying activity, according to the Center for Responsive Politics. That number doesn't include the more than $30 million the NRA's political action committee and the organization's affiliated political nonprofits spent to influence the 2012 presidential and congressional elections.[1]

The NRA has proposed placing armed guards in schools to clamp down on shootings. It's a proposal the president has rejected.[1]

A Face book friend said:James L. Smith And the responsible gun reform will lead to what? I'm not a gun owner or supporter, but I do know this. People who own guns responsibly already comply with the myriad of existing gun laws. Those that use guns illegally will not turn in their guns or respond to any other "responsible gun laws." It's like spanking all your children because you can't determine which one committed the offense. Sounds good, accomplishes nothing. What really needs to happen is that we address the issues of mental health and finally determine to house and treat people with mental illness. That will do more than any legislation about guns. But maybe lawyers want more laws so they will have more people to defend in court. I'm all for anything that will stop the violence, but when I see these knee jerk solutions they make no sense. I'm open to be changed.

We need an intense focused national debate on the issue of Gun Control.[trb]

[trb] & CAP’S
Terry Bankert


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