Monday, June 1, 2009

Flint Farner and rocking for Hope

Good Morning Flint! Terry Bankert

Its 75 days until the Mark Farner Concert in Atwood Stadium in Flint MI. Its 90 days until General Motors is expected to emerge from bankruptcy.

Its with in days of the doctor murdered by pro-lifers being buried.

We are weeks away from another North Korean missile firing and world confrontation. And somewhere out there an asteroid has our name on it.

Lots of bad news, our government is not telling us everything , but that Mark Farner brings good news and hope. Hope from a rock concert, give me a break. Yes hope. Mark Farner the people’s rocker coming to his home town Flint Michigan.

Hope that the enthusiasm of the 60’s that helped people out of the Vietnam war can helps bring hope and joy to our Flint lives.

Hope that by a coming together the human beings left in Flint from all ages and walks of Flint can join together for a celebration of hope. Yes I am involved in the promotion of this event. But look at the opportunity for re birth we have in Flint from the new thriving small business, neighborhood revitalization occurring with out government assistance to the raw strength of a people that are going to stick it out and build for a collective future.

Flint will come together August 15 2009 and rock for joy in Atwood Stadium.

Posted 6:30 6/1/09
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