Friday, August 29, 2008

Palin dooms McCain

by Terry Bankert 08/30/2008 ,
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John McCain, he Reminds me of the composite of every self absorbed, narcissistic, evangelical conservative con man I have ever met.

Palin strikes me as the lean mean soccer mom machine from hell.

Neither have little sympathy for people not like them.

Taken in political panic, Palin to McCain, is nothing more than a political trophy wife. Pretty by his side but hopelessly marginalized. The shallowness of the McCain panic spells his doom.

Obama is my dream of the modern American politician and Biden is a seasoned warrior watching his prodigy leader ready to pounce on the opposition, or make that experienced suggestion.

In the end these candidates are just symbols of coalitions that have come together under a party banner to pursue different agendas. Are they Strong enough to build a coalition, be successful in achieving their unique agenda and which agenda do we support.

The democrats, to include I, call for an agenda of change. We have assembled a team to make this happen.

McCain brings nothing new. Feebly he is attempting to assemble the Bush coalition. This group discredited, responsible for expanding the federal government, building an astronomical federal deficit and killing our men in a fraudulent war.

My choice is clear, Obama, you make yours.

I am still appalled that McCain would put this political child a heartbeat away from being commander and chief.

Obama is marketing his vision in this presidential campaign. McCain is marketing a bait and switch.

Just more republican stuff this country has grown tired of.

by Terry R. Bankert
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Page W.H. Brousseau IV said...

"Political child?"? For a second there I thought you were talking about Obama.