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Vote Justice First

A judicial love feast.....

By Terry Bankert 02/10/08

I go to a lot of meeting and on occassion will simply report what I saw. Consider doing the same. It will keep more people informed.

I attended on Saturday 2/9/08 the Democratic Party Town Hall meeting co-sponsored by the Genesee County Democratic Party and the Genesee County Black Caucus. The 11 am meeting was at UAW Region 1-C 1940 Atherton Rd.

The informal theme of the meeting was a love offering for newly appointed Judge Tracie Collier-Nix. This judge has a lot of friends just trying to give her a jump in her election bid.

Judge Nix , a quality person, was appointed by Governor Grandholm.

Competing for that appointment were several local democrats two of which were in the room. It appears the Black Caucus is going for Nix no matter who her competition is. The filing deadline is months away.

Gerri Hall Chairperson of the Black Caucus spoke favorably of Judge Nix 3 times then even made a report to the body for Judge Nix who was not present. Her defacto endorsement was followed by a perfunctory statement that of course the caucus will give all who file an interview.

My sense is that the endorsement of Nix is a foregone conclusion. Thats life, thats politics. Lets just not pretend later that there will be an interview process thats open and fair. The County Party will probably do the same. They are shooting to be 0 for 2 on the endorsements in non partisan races 2007 and 2008.

Danny Craig introduced Richard Mark who continued the Nix positive accolades " I have dealt with her and she is fair. "He stressed the importance of voting in the judicial column.

I was amazed at how shallow the fish were swimming. But hey I am not running for 68th District court judge, they did not know that, I cannot speak for Vance, so I guess I will just wish Judge Nix good luck.. Good Luck! I plan on voting for her and contributing to her campaign. Of course that will be after a fair interview with other candidates. I have not decided if I will run against Perry or not! Humm..lets see.

Back to important business.

1.25 % of the voters who go to the polls will not vote on the non partisan ballot.

2.The current Michigan Supreme Court is the most partisan in history. Say some, Judge Taylor has got to go.

3. Wanda Evan talked about expungement and what civil rights the felons have lost.

A. No jury duty

B. No federal financial aid.

C. No federal subsidized housing, no Fannie may.

D. Cannot move in with family members who are in subsidized housing.

E. Cannot expunge if more than one crime and the prosecutors regularly over charge.

4. Judge Thomas made statements.

A.The Judge analogized historical racial discrimination and the denial of voting and housing to the disparate impact of oppressive expungement laws. Race based impact is what she was saying.

B.Now , she said, the word felon has the same connotations that the word colored used to have.

C. She explained how a concealed weapon on a person like a box knife can be expunged while the same box knife in a car cannot be expunged.

5.Gerri Hall said that she has talked extensively with Judge Nix and Judge Nix asked her to share some observations.

A.Judge Nix see systematic problems that need to be addressed.

B.Poor people lose their license get caught then have to pay a drivers responsibility fee of over $100, because they are poor they continue with no license having to drive to work, get caught and have to pay the fee again. Its just not right. Every body should call their State Rep.

A hand out on Supreme Court Justice Taylor stated.

1.Justice Taylor is taking you for a ride.

2.He drove a car that you paid for to the grocery store, social events,

3.He’s also ruled against people and for big insurance companies over 80% of their time.

4.Its time to slam the breaks on self serving judges like Taylor and reform the Supreme Court. The Document was produced by the Michigan Democratic Party.

Jack Minore was present.

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