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BY Terry Bankert 6/19/08
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**** REFLECTIONS: I went to the fund-raise for 9th District County Commissioner Patrick“Shorty” Gleason. He is a good hard working hard hitting Democrat I predict will win. We need more winners in Genesee County we have a shortage from the City, County and our State Representation. Most of the usual suspects were present at the launch of a connected warriors campaign. Shorty will win and we need his toughness. Ethics, character and service to others not selfish enrichment , ego or money are the characteristics we need. Shorty has these characteristics. Many in the room shared those characteristics, some did not! *****

=====ANNOUNCEMENT JUNE 19th 12 noon to 12 Midnight Riverbank Park 2:00 - 5:00 PM Parade Marshaling Max Brandon Park Dateline: Flint, MI Release Date: JUNE 18, 2008 Flint’s Juneteenth Celebration celebrates African Americans' Day of Independence with Technology and a multicultural flair. "Urban Family Dodge-ball," Speakers , a parade and entertainment galore, promises to make this year's celebration great!. Paul Herring the groups spokes person. "It is going to be great, our goal is two fold" Herring said "We want to teach Ujamma (Cooperative Economics) and to share some rather powerful, but obscure information while encouraging residents to "Join The Village." and work together. "We embraced the "Village Concept" says Herring! When ask if the event is just for African Americans! "We believe that the human race makes up The Village, not just African Americans. Although the days meaning should cut deeper in the African American community, we have to acknowledge the multi-cultural nature of all things American." Kathryn Blake (Co. Chair) Said "We have had a great response this year, people are approaching me for the information on how to get involved, in mass... this year is going to be great! The committee encourages you to share the excitement of this event held in Downtown Flint, Michigan June 19th in Flints Riverbank Park and don't forget the big Parade June 19th 5:30 p.m. from Pasadena along Martin Luther King Blvd. to Riverbank Park as well as our Urban Dodge-ball 5-6 on Kearsley Street between Saginaw Street and Buckham Alley. "JOIN THE VILLAGE" Dodge-ball For More Information Contact Paul Herring 810-210-1281 kathryn Blake 810-701-4569 History “Juneteenth” acknowledges the abolishment of slavery and recognizes the Emancipation Proclamation. Historically, Texas was the first state to celebrate “Juneteenth” or "Freedom Day." An increasing number of American citizens and governments recognized Juneteenth as a state holiday recently including Michigan. Resources:

=====CANDIATE FUNDRAISER Wednesday, June 18, 9th District County Commissioner Candidate Patrick (Shorty) Gleason begain his campaign with a well attended fundraiser, at the Davison Eagles Club, 3270 N. State Rd. Davison, MI 48423. . Hosted by the GLS Building Trades.

WE NEED TOUGH EXPERIENCE ON THE GENESEE COUNTY BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS Richfield Township resident Patrick "Shorty" Gleason last week announced his candidacy for the 9th District seat on the Genesee County Commission at the Richfield Township Hall. He was joined by his family, friends and supporters.[d]

WE ALL SHARE THESE TOUGH ECONOMIC TIMES AND MUST WORK TOGETHER "This is an exciting opportunity for me, and I look forward to continuing my service to the people of Genesee County," said Gleason. "I want to make myself accessible and respond to the residents I would represent, and work with other local units of government to make sure their concerns are properly accommodated."[d] Gleason has lived in Richfield Township all his life, and has served in various township and Genesee County offices for more than 20 years. He has served on the Richfield Township Planning Commission, as a Richfield Township trustee, chairman of the Davison Area Fire Authority, and on the Genesee County Township Association. [d] He is currently president of the Michigan Building Trades Council, a member of the Mackinac Bridge Authority and serves on the executive board of the Michigan State AFL-CIO. For 15 years, he has held office in the Iron Workers Local 25 as business agent, business manager and president.[d]

THE COUNTY PARK SYSTEM WILL BECOME MORE IMPORTANT TO US AS THE COST OF FUEL GOES UP Gleason plans to focus on the issues of care for senior citizens, road management and the parks system, with nearly 75 person of the county parks system residing in the 9th District.[d]

Flint continues to mutilate itself or commit self harm (SH)

TRUTH , JUSTICE AND THE FLINT WAY OF LIFE The city is fighting itself in court this week.[F] The City of Flint Contiunes to practice (SH)[trb] See[w] George Hamo, an attorney who works on behalf of Mayor Don WIlliamson, said the mayor sued the City Council on Monday.[F]

THE COUNCIL IS WAY OUT OF BOUNDS Hamo said the Council overstepped its bounds when it approved a $66-million budget with numerous changes to Williamson's proposed budget.[F]

THE MAYOR DID NOT GET WHAT HE DEMANDED Councilman Scott Kincaid said the budget is legal, and it's merely a case of sour grapes on the mayor's part.[f2]

COUNCIL- YOU CANNOT DISMANTEL CITY GOVERNMENT, JUST TO PROVE A POLITICAL POINT The Council did not have the authority to eliminate the labor relations department, Hamo said, one of several instances where the council tried to grab too much power.[F] "They were trying to take over control of the executive branch," Hamo said. "They were doing it for one reason and one reason only. Simply to try to make the mayor look bad."[F] Others can argue this is just the Flint Governmental tendency to inflict harm upon itself.[trb] These acts may be aimed at relieving otherwise unbearable emotions, sensations of unreality and numbness. The illness is listed in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV-TR) as a symptom of borderline personality disorder and depressive disorders. [w]

WE HAVE BEEN DOWN THIS PATH BEFORE "Here we go. Back in court again," said Councilwoman Sandy Hill, who is hoping to broker a compromise between the Council and Williamson. "We don't need this. What good is it going to do us? I'm afraid it's all going to be tied up in court and nothing is going to be done." [F] Hamo said some departments, such as labor relations, were cut so deeply they can't function.[F] "The Council is trying to obliterate administrative offices purposely. This is not good managing of the city," Hamo said.[F] The City Council cut the city administration and other departments in order to restore some police and fire positions cut in Williamson's proposed budget. [F] Even though some positions were saved, 46 police officers were given pink slips last week.[F] Hamo said in addition to filing the lawsuit, the city administration will be attempting to persuade a judge to file an injunction that would prevent the budget from taking effect while the case is pending. [F] The budget would take effect July 1. [F] Councilman Scott Kincaid said the budget is legal, and it's merely a case of sour grapes on the mayor's part.[F] The City of Flint cannot do something as elemental as debating, negotiating, compromising and passing a budget then runs to court again. This embarrasses us around the state. It seems like a death wish or intentional self harm.[trb] Self harmers are often mistaken as suicidal, but in the majority of cases this is inaccurate.Non-fatal self-harm is common in young people worldwide and due to this prevailance the term self-harm is increasingly used to denote any non-fatal acts of deliberate self-harm, irrespective of the intention. [w] "We prioritized our resources. Police, fire, 911 and the jail were our priorities," Kincaid said. "The mayor prioritized revenue for his offices."[F]


Posted here by Terry Bankert ... 6/19/08

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