Thursday, February 19, 2009

Michigan Governor in Flint

BY Terry Bankert

Governor Grandholm pledges to spend every dollar Washington sends in the stimulus package. Then she will spend the money the other states cannot spend. Local units are directed to get their plans to her office by March 1st. Genesee pledges to be ready.

The Flint meeting took place at the MTA in Flint 3 pm 2/19/09. Ever wonder who these movers and shakers are that go to these meetings. A couple of pictures follow.

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“The state is receiving $7 billion of the $787 billion plan. With a lot of money on the table, questions are being raised as to where the cash would be spent”“The governor is taking a two-day tour across the state to discuss just that.”

In Flint we are discussing the role of professionalism of public sector management. Governor Jennifer Grandholm sets a high standard. There is hope.

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