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ELIAS ABUELAZAM IS ARRAIGNED IN FLINT 08/26/10 some call him Shrek most call him EVIL

evil arraINGMENT 3
evil arraINGMENT 3,
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This Pre Trial is scheduled for next Tuesday. The Prosecutor asked for $10,000,000 bond. Judge Perry ordered no bond.

The code name for him with the police was shrek. The code name given to him by Prosecutor David Leyton is EVIL. I agree with the prosecutor. I also heard that EVIL was tracked electronically. He is nothing but guilty. He told Sheriff Pickell the cameras made him nervous. Pickell told him to get used to it.

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Earlier the press had been taken on a tour of the jail and showed where  EVIL will sleep.

At the press conference in response to the Prosecutor stating the crime lab takes a long time  he was asked if the crime lab was faster would  the  police have noticed a patteren of killing earlier.  Leyton was non committal.

The  press asked about a white victem and if other people were to  be charged. They seems to be testimony that at on one occassion there was another person in the car with him at a stabbing.  Another reporter asked if  the motive might be  that several  people of Arab decent had recently been killed. These  questions could not be answered.-trb


"This is one of 14 incidents of murder and assault with intent to murder. Five people are dead. The rest faced death and are seriously injured," Leyton told the judge in asking for the high bail. "He is not a citizen of the United States. The court should do all it can to make sure he stands trial in Genesee County where he ran rampant, created havoc and attacked innocent citizens."[4]

A man who's suspected in 18 stabbing attacks in three states, including five fatal stabbings, has been ordered held without bond. Elias Abuelazam (A'-boo-LAH'-zuhm) was arraigned by video in a Flint, Mich., court today on a charge of assault with intent to murder in connection with a July 27 attack. He'd been flown to Michigan from Atlanta earlier in the day.[2]

On Aug. 11, investigators went to a market outside Flint where Abuelazam had worked for a month. A store video showed Abuelazam matched the description of the suspect. He had not been seen at work since Aug. 1, when he told people he was off to Virginia.

Using electronic records, investigators tracked Abuelazam to Atlanta's airport and arrested him at the boarding gate.[4]

Elias Abuelazam, 33, is accused of stabbing 14 men in the Flint area, including five who died, and attacking four others in Virginia and Ohio. All of the attacks were on men and most were African American.

Abuelazam appeared for his arraignment via video from the jail. He was charged in one nonfatal attack in the Flint area and being held in the Genesee County Jail. Judge Nathaniel Perry III ordered he be held on no bond.

Abuelazam will be back in court Aug. 31 for a pretrial hearing.

Genesee County Prosecutor David Leyton said in court that more charges – including murder charges for the deaths of five Flint-area men – will be filed against Abuelazam.

“I believe he is not sick,” Leyton said of Abuelazam at a news conference after the hearing. “He is evil.”-trb

Abuelazam’s attorneys, Brian Morley and Edwar Zeineh – both based in Lansing – were also in court. After the hearing, Morley said he’s waiting to receive discovery from the prosecutor’s office.[1]

Many of the victims reported to police that their attacker stabbed them after first asking them for help, police have said. The attacks in the Flint area happened between May and August, when it's believed Abuelazam attacked three other men in Leesburg, Va., and one in Toledo, according to police.[1]

Etwan Wilson, 17, who was attacked and stabbed in early August in Flint, was in court today. Wilson, whose lungs, liver and heart were pierced when he was attacked, by a man who asked him for directions. He has a long scar on his chest from where doctors had to operate.[1]

He was disappointed Abuelazam wasn’t there in person.[1]

“I wanted to see him,” Wilson said of Abuelazam. “I wanted him to see me.”[1]

Abuelazam, an Israeli citizen, was arrested at the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, where he planned to board a plane to Tel Aviv, Israel.[1]

Detectives from the Flint Michigan State Police Task Force that investigated the serial killings and stabbings met at 5:30 in the morning before flying to Atlanta on board a Michigan Department of Transportation plane. [3]

The twin engine King Air craft arrived in Atlanta around 8 a.m. Detectives headed straight to the Fulton County Jail and picked up their suspect. [3]

After leaving the jail, Elias Abuelazam was never in the custody of anyone other than the Michigan State Police detectives who led the investigation into Genesee County’s 14 stabbings, five of which were deadly.[3]

This is a rare situation. Usually law enforcement agencies pay a private extradition service to bring fugitives to Michigan to face charges, but Abuelazam is no usual fugitive.

There are several reasons for this special transport operation.[3]

Police say due to Abuelazam’s alleged violent tendencies, they wanted to keep him isolated and under their control. He was surrounded by four detectives and chained during transport.[3]

Police also say due to the high-profile nature of the case they wanted to protect Abuelazam from any form of revenge attack. They kept their arrival times and route confidential until the last minute, when they walked him before NBC25’s camera. Abuelazam also wore a bullet-proof vest.[3]

A Flint Police transport van escorted by Michigan State Police took the suspect straight to the Genesee County Jail from the airport. [3]

There inmates expecting to be released were held in a bullpen, while deputies armed with Tasers booked Abuelazam.[3]

“There was like seven police behind this big guy,” said Dean Campbell, a former inmate who witnessed Abuelazam’s booking. “They had him in a bullet proof vest.”[3]

Campbell says Abuelazam acted with arrogance, smirking during his mugshot.[3]

Campbell says inmates jeered at the suspected serial killer through it all, but Abuelazam’s defense attorney says his client told him he felt he was being treated with professionalism.[3]

“I asked about the plane ride,” says defense attorney Brian Morely. “He said it was fine, professional. I asked him how jail was. He said there have been no problems. No backlash.”[3]

His plane landed in Flint on a Bishop International Airport runway and taxied to a hangar at AvFlight at 12:16 p.m.[1]

He de-boarded the 10-to-12-seat Michigan-owned plane, escorted by several Michigan State Police officers and wearing a bulletproof vest. He was put into the back of a Flint Police Department van.[1]

He looked to be staring to his left out of the van toward a bank of reporters, photographers and videographers when the van’s doors were closed and he was driven off by 12:22 p.m.[1]





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